Guar Gum Grinch Slime

Dragonfly and I have been having so much fun exploring the awesome slime chemistry from Little Bins for Little Hands.  At least a few times a week, we test out a new recipe and get our hands dirty together.  It's great bonding time and mess-free (yes, really).

A few weeks ago, Little Bins posted a brand new slime recipe involving guar gum.  This plant-based, gluten-free food thickener is perfect for making glue-free slime.  Dragonfly couldn't wait to test it, so we ordered the guar gum from Amazon right away.  Fortunately, the other ingredients in this slime are the normal ones for slime- food coloring, baking soda, and saline solution- so we already had them in the house.

I noticed from reading the post on Little Bin that we use more guar gum than they do.  She uses 1 teaspoon of the powder, and we used 1 tablespoon.  The larger amount made it harder to incorporate into the water (we used 1 cup of warm water), but it did make a very stretchy, juggle-ly slime.  It was very fun and is cheaper per ounce than using glue.  Try it out for yourself!

And if you love making slime like I do, you have to check out The Ultimate Slime Guide book.

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