School Supply List for Homeschooling

It's back to school season again!  Or as homeschoolers like to call it "NOT-back-to-school" time.  Social media is full of posts, memes, and videos complaining about how expensive school supplies are for traditional schoolers.  Few people think about what homeschoolers need for their education.  The home-school combines all the classroom needs and all the student needs into one big list.  The homeschool should have it all!

The Basics

Like all school children, homeschoolers need fresh pencils, lots of glue sticks, scissors, and other ordinary supplies.  Take advantage of Back-to-School sales to get good deals on crayons, pens, and notebooks.  Unlike most school kids, homeschool families should also grab a few hundred sheets of computer paper for all the printables, a new Instant Ink compatible printer with free ink, and lots of liquid glue for slime experiments.

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Math Class

One of the best parts about homeschooling is being able to have access to all the math manipulatives and visual tools whenever you need them. I am very tactile when it comes to math, and always did better when I could see and feel the answers. I'm so glad my kids don't even have to ask to get out the Cuisenaire rods, money, or counters. Be sure to check the Target dollar spot for flashcards, learning clocks, mini erasers (counters), and more.

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Science Class

If I ever had a homeschool classroom, I'd fill it up with science stuff.  There are so many categories of scientific experimentation and exploration.  I'd have microscopes, petri dishes, chemistry sets, and cabinets full of specimens and models.  Like math, science is better if it can be touched and seen. instead of just read.

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Phonics and Literature Class

It's no secret that homeschoolers love to collect books.  I usually buy mine on Ebay, at thrift stores, and on Amazon.  I also recommend magnetic letters, spelling games, and other things for reading practice.  I also like to grab some new Audible books for quiet time and for read alouds.

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What's on your list?  What would you add?

Any experienced homeschoolers want to dispute it?

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