100 Disney-fied Elf Ideas

Today's All Wrapped Up Pre-Christmas post continues the Elf-on-the-Shelf theme with 100 Disney Ideas!  It was such a fun challenge to scour Pinterest for every Disney elf reference I could find, without repeating any ideas.  The list includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars references, so there should be something for every Disney-loving elf.

1- Do You Want to Build an Olaf with Toilet Paper?

2- Oh, No!  Elf Got Tangled in Rapunzel's Hair!

3- Looks the the Army Men from Toy Story Captured Elf

4- Tinkerbell and Elf, Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

5- Hanging with the Emotions from Inside Out

6- Frozen by Elsa (bonus science experiment to thaw him out)

7- He Upset the Empire and got Frozen in Carbonite

8- Visiting Epcot in Florida

9- Using Cars to Pull his Sleigh

10- Snowball Fight with Buzz Lightyear

11- Pinned to the Wall by a Gaggle of Spidermen

12- Turned to the Dark Side as Darth Vader

13- Let It Glow with a Glow Stick Chain

14- Go Under the Sea in a Fish Bowl

15- Pretend to be a Superhero with these Masks and Capes

16- Ride the Elephant Ride at Disneyland

17- Race Barbie in Lightning McQueen Slippers

18- Elf Arrives in a Star Wars At-At

19- Sharing Secrets with Goofy

20 - Captured by Jake and the Neverland Pirates

21- Playing Wii U with Rex

22- Use a Disneyland Key Chain to make an Elf-Sized Mickey Hat

23- Hanging Out with Marshmallow Snowgies and Elsa

24- Making Star Wars Snowflakes to Decorate the House

25- Riding the Teacups at Disneyland

26- Hidden Mickeys All Over the House

27- Flying Over the Tree in a Tie-Fighter

28- Riding It's a Small World at Disney World

29- Tied Up in Spiderman's Web

30- Elf as Moana

31- Hanging at the Gingerbread Planes Hanger

32- Watching the Premier of a Star Wars Movie in 3D

33- Tea Time with a Princess

34- Flying with Tinkerbell

35- Sailing with Captain Jack Sparrow on the Black Pearl

36- Dancing with the Princesses

37- Dressed like Leia for Old School Star Wars Fun

38- Elf as Prince Charming with a Pumpkin Carriage

39- Fly on a Magic Carpet with Aladdin

40- Countdown to Disney World with the Elf

41- Pirate Elves

42- Dressed Up as Baymax from Big Hero Six

43- Packed and Ready for Disneyland

44- Elf as a Princess Going to the Ball

45- Darth Vader Tells the Elf "I'm Your Father."

46- Olaf Photo Scene with Head Hole

47- Dressed as Coco with a Day-of-the-Dead Mask and Guitar

48- Reading a Disney Storybook

49- Riding a Towel Creation at a Disney World Resort

50- Flying with the Neverland Tsum Gang

51- Dressed as Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas

52- Buzz Lightyear and Woody Rescuing the Elf

53- Riding Space Mountain at Disney World

54- Melted Olaf in Summer

55- Relaxing at the Mickey Resort Spa

56- Getting Pushed on the Swing by Buzz Lightyear

57- Reading "Night Before Christmas" and celebrating Santa Claus

58- Walking the Dog from Santa Paws

59- Dressed Up as BB8

60- Sunnyside Daycare (Toy Story 3) Toy Jail

61- Swapping Accessories with Mr Potato Head

62- Take the Elf to Disneyland

63- Frozen in Carbonite like His Friend, Hans Solo

64- Make Some Monsters Inc Fruit

65- Caught By the Abominable Snowman on the Planet Hoth

66- Cruising with Tour Guide Barbie

67- Reading Books with Tinkerbell and the Princesses

68- Disney World Style Toy Parade

69- Ice Skating with Elsa and Anna

70- Dressed as Snow White

71- Disney Fairy Girly Elf (DIY idea)

72- Pixar Pez Dispenser PowWow

73- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Meeting

74- Minnie Mouse Costume

75- Sunnyside Daycare Toys Do NOT Want to Be Replaced

76- Playing Games with the Toy Story Gang

77- Dancing with the Colors of the Wind and Pocahontas 

78- Fighting Luke as Darth Vader

79- Disney Vacation Surprise Breakfast Hosted by the Elf

80- Moana Costume

81- Watching Prep and Landing

82- Dancing with the Beast

83- Dressed as a Sith Lord

84- Cars Parade

85- Drive on the Beach with Barbie

86- Peeking out of the Mickey Cookie Jar

87- On a Disney Cruise

88- Finding Dory and Nemo Costumes

89- The Incredibles Parade Float

90- Tangled in Maui's Net

91- Ratatouille Moped Ride with Barbie

92- Pooh Reading to Elf and Piglet

93- Getting Bow-tiful at Minnie's Bow-tique

94- Pixie Dust Magic Recovery Kit

95- Olaf Snow Globe (elf could bring the pieces for kid to assemble)

96- Mickey's Peppermint Swirl Cookies

97- Riding a Nemo Parade Float (balloon)

98- Whipping up Some Mickey Pretzel Bites

99- Cooking in the Kitchen with His Friends from Ratatouille

100- Cruella De Ville is Coming for the Puppies

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