All Wrapped Up 2018- a Month of Pre-Christmas Fun

Can you believe it's Christmas time already! I know it seems a bit early, but there really is no such thing when you're a blogger.  Last year, I did the All Wrapped Up countdown in November, and it was a bit challenging running into Thanksgiving and the start of Advent.  This year, I decided to try devoting the month of October to gift guides, crafting, and Elf-on-the-Shelf preparations.  Come and visit every day this month to see what's new!

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All Wrapped Up 2018- a Month of Pre-Christmas Fun from In Our Pond // elf on the shelf // gift guides // kids toys // star wars // Lego // sensory bins // messy play // cars // toys for boys // toys for girls // my little pony

All Wrapped Up 2017
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All Wrapped Up 2017 Gift Guide Series from In Our Pond // kids' gifts // elf on the shelf // adult gifts // DIY gifts // homemade gifts // play food // nature gifts // star wars gifts


  1. Well, it might not be Christmas, but we definitely are thinking about it!


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