Best Selling LEGO Sets of 2018

In early September, Amazon released it's Toy 100 Toys of 2018 List.  I poured through the site to grab the best Lego toys.  My family has just started getting into Lego toys recently since our Everything is Awesome road trip this summer.  We now own a large box of them, and I'm sure we're not done collecting.  Click on the links for see the specific products or tap the picture to browse the Lego products.

1- Hogwarts Great Hall Building- We never got into Harry Potter, so I'm always surprised by how popular it is in the world.  This Great Hall building looks interesting and has lots of pieces to keep you busy through the winter.

2- Classic Creative Brick Box-  Did you know that six Lego bricks (2x4) can be connected 915 million ways!  That's a lot of room for creativity!  This box of bricks has lots of options and colors for tons of imaginative buildings.  When in doubt, you can always get another classic box.  They're the perfect gift for newbies and experts alike.

3- Gadget Kit- My son, Skimmer (age 6), loves making gear sequences with bikes, wheels, or whatever he can find.  I'm seriously thinking about buying this cool Lego gadget kit for him.  If you have a gear head too, click the link to check out the product.

4- Heartlake City Resort- This girly Lego set features lots of fun areas for pretend play like water slides, monorail, water sports, and more.  The pink and purple colors and possibility for real water play is sure to delight the young girls in your life.

5- Millennium Falcon- This was the first Lego set we owned, and for several years, it was only played with by my husband.  The current set features the characters from the newer Star Wars movies.  Additional characters can also be purchased; although some can be harder to find than others.

6- Hogwarts Express- Another Harry Potter set, this time it's a train station.  Pair it with railroad tracks to make playtime even more fun.

7- Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape- We ended up getting quite a few Jurassic World Lego sets this summer.  Dragonfly (age 7) loves the dinosaur babies and larger ones with sharp teeth.  This Gyrosphere set would be a great addition to our collection, and yours as well!

8- Boost Creative Toolbox- Everyone is pushing STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) right now.  Lego has gotten into the fray by offering a robot building kit called Boost.  It looks so cool, especially for kids who like Lego and robots.

9- Ship in a Bottle- This is the exclusive set for 2018, which makes it perfect for toy collectors.  Unlike a real ship in a bottle, though, you get to build the boat and then assemble the bottle around it. It would also be a great addition to a nautical room.

My blogging friend, Sarah, at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls always has such fun Lego ideas on her blog.  I'm very excited that she's compiled them into a book in time for Christmas.  I love that Genius Lego Inventions really does use bricks that most Lego fans already have in their homes, and doesn't require purchasing additional Lego sets to build them.  Her first book (Amazing Lego Creations) is similar and would also make a good gift for a Lego fan.  Click on the links to check out the books for yourself.

What's your favorite Lego set?

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