Cheap and Easy DIY Elf or Doll Play Scene

We're getting ready for Christmas around here!  Part of our celebrations include an Elf similar to the Elf-on-the-Shelf.  I really enjoy crafting different costumes, props, and settings for our elf to make her visits more interesting.

I recently discovered a very easy way to make portable sets for the elf.  Inspired by Youtuber My Froggy Stuff, I used trifold boards and scrapbook paper to create a background.  It stands by itself and folds down flat for storage.  You can get two sets on each board if you use both sides.

Cheap and Easy DIY Elf or Doll Play Scene from In Our Pond // doll crafts // craft with kids // elf on the shelf

For this scene, I used a Small Tri-Fold Presentation Board, which stands 14" tall and is 24" wide.  It's a great size for fashion dolls and elves.  First, I used plain computer paper and a glue stick to cover the edges of the board.  It creates a nice edge and gets you used to cutting and gluing on the cardboard.

Next, I used scrapbook paper to cover the inside of the board.  I know that the red strip is a bit overwhelming, but I liked how it felt a bit over-the-top in the Christmas category.  To help tone it down a bit, and for a fun centerpiece, I added a Grinch sign printable that I found online.

I wanted to give the set a bit of a Dr. Suess feel, so I crafted my own Whoville free.  The big, obnoxious ornament was a lot of fun to create.  I cut out the dots by hand to give them some personality.  I added the details to the tree with a marker.

I may add more to the board if I get inspired, but I really like how it looks for now.  We're excited to use this for Christmas.  Keep counting down with us by checking back here every day for a new post!

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