DIY Suitcase House for Travelling Elves

Today is the last day of the "All Wrapped Up" blog series for the year!  I really enjoyed it this year and found it much easier to do than last year when I did it during November.  The best part is that I still haven't run out of topics to write about!  I know I'll be doing at least a few more posts this year before Christmas.  But first, my magnum opus... an Elf Suitcase Dollhouse!

I have been planning this travelling elf house for over a year!  I had the wood case picked out since last December and waited all year until I bought it.  The wall pieces are held in only by their own friction, so I can easily remodel it next year (haha) or replace broken parts as needed.

I created the structures with 1/8 inch foam boards.  The left side is only 1 inch deep, so the the build-in needed to be only 3/4" deep.  The kitchen area isn't quite as detailed as I had hoped to make if the inset was deeper, but I'm pleased with it.  I started with the back piece and measured out the shelves and counter.

Next, I wallpapered the subway tile with scrapbook paper.  I cut the side and top pieces for the box and installed them, then cut the shelves and covered them with scrapbook paper.  Everything was hot glued together as I made them.

Using a doll, I measured for the counter height and used a plastic bowl to decide the depth.  I needed the counter to fold up because of the depth restrictions.  Clear tape on the subway tile and counter made the joint for folding it up.

For the cabinet doors, I used wood skinny sticks and hot glued them to a piece of computer paper.  Then, I painted them red with acrylic paint.  The main part of the cabinet was covered with computer paper, then I hot glued the doors onto the face.  The piece was attached to the counter top with a piece of clear tape on the underside to make a joint.  Another piece of foam board was measured and cut to go on the end.  When I need to put it away, the side piece can get stored elsewhere and the counter gets folded up.  Easy and magical at the same time.

The living room area of the dollhouse was a lot more complicated to make, but I can't give measurements since the sizes will depend on the box you use.  The bottom section has a storage bench made from foam board and scrapbook paper.  The top opens for storing the doll bedding and other accessories.

The top drawers are hiding built-in lighting made from mini Christmas lights.  I tried to take a picture, but the lighting made it very challenging.  The left handed drawer can slide all the way out to turn the lights on and off.  Both drawers can be used for storage.

The floating shelves are scraps of foam board covered in scrapbook paper.  The elf sign is a free printable I added to the blog last week.  Just like the cupboard doors, the picture frame is made from skinny sticks.  The drawer pulls are gum drop buttons (which I also used on my gingerbread onesie).  Now, I get to decorate and get it filled with accessories!

Other Props I've Bought
- spoons, forks, bowl, plates, and mugs from Miniature Sweet
- peppermint cane slices from Miniature Sweet
- craft scissors from Miniature Sweet
- cake pops from Sweet Pea Toys Mini
- Christmas Candy from Sweet Pea Toys Mini
- candy canes from Slime Supplies Craft

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