Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories

Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories // In Our Pond

Some Christmas stories are so familiar to us that they've sprouted many different versions and interpretations.  Since doing the Nativity post last year, I have been wanting to do one with some other stories.  Today's All Wrapped Up article features our much beloved gingerbread men, Nutcrackers, and the Night Before.  I hope some of these new takes on old classics will become your new favorites.

Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories // In Our Pond // Gingerbread Man // Gingerbread Pirates // Gingerbread Baby // Gingerbread Cookies

My kids love Gingerbread stories!  When I asked them which things they were most excited this Christmas season, they unanimously said "gingerbread!"  Here are nine gingerbread stories for kids like mine.  One of their favorites is Gingerbread Pirates, in which some piratical cookies scheme to keep being Santa's snack.  Fans of the rodeo and Wild West will enjoy the rollicking tale of the Gingerbread Cowboy.  Another themed version of the story is the The Ninjabread Man, which features a Ninjabread master.  Other runaway cookies include the The Gingerbread Girl and The Gingerbread Boy (and many other versions by Jan Brett).  Many kindergarten teachers talk about the Gingerbread Man Loose Series and use the books throughout the school year (first day of school, Christmas, St Patrick's Day, etc).  Of course, you can't forget the original The Gingerbread Man with the runaway cookie, a chase through the neighborhood, and a fox.  Two books with very different takes on the cookie stories are The Gingerbread Mouse, which is about a mouse searching for a new house, and Georgie the Gingerbread Fairy, which talks about a entrepreneurial fairy with her own store.  Which one is your favorite?  Click the links to add these awesome books to your Christmas book collection.

Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories // In Our Pond // Nutcracker Ballet // Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Some of the most popular music of Christmas comes from the classic ballet, The Nutcracker.  In the The Story of the Nutcracker Ballet, kids can read the storyline of the ballet, which would be good to read before seeing the movie or performance for the first time.  Similarly, The Story Orchestra: Nutcracker book seems like a great introduction to the ballet, since it comes with a button to sample the music.  For the littlest fans, The Nutcracker: a Baby-Lit Dancing Primer is a board book that teaches kids some ballet terms and a few elements of the plot.  If themed versions of your favorite stories make you happy, then you'll like the The Texas Nutcracker.  To learn how the Sugar Plum Fairy got her wings, check out the The Plum.  Click the links to check them out for yourself.

This year, Disney is releasing a new Christmas movie called The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.  According to the previews I've seen, it looks very interesting and beautiful.  To go along with the movie, Disney has released a picture book, a read-along storybook with a CD, a chapter book Jr. Novelization and an Audible audiobook versions.  While you're watching the new movie or your favorite ballet recording, grab a fun adult coloring book or scratch and sketch trace-along notebook.  Click on the links to start your Four Realms collection.

Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories // In Our Pond // Night Before Christmas // Santa

In 1823, the first version of the poem "A Visit from St Nicholas" appeared in the world.  Today, that poem is known as "The Night Before Christmas."  As one of the most beloved Christmas poems in the Western World, it's also one of the most copied.  There are versions from almost every occasion like The Night Before the First Day of School, similar books for every holiday and special day in a child's life, and winter books like The Night Before the Night Before Christmas, The Night Before Hanukkah, The Night Before a Snow Day, and The Night Before New Years.

There are lots of themed versions of the poem as well.  The Dinosaur's Night Before Christmas has fossils coming to life to sing, dance, and eat gingerbread cookies.  Fans of Cookie Monster will love  Twas the Night Before Christmas on Sesame Street.  Similarly, Frozen: Olaf's Night Before Christmas features familiar characters within the classic story.  If visions of treasure chests dance in your head and you're looking forward to a visit from Sir Peggedy, A Pirates' Night Before Christmas is for you!  If you're planning on reading a Nativity story a night until Christmas, The Night Before Jesus would be a good addition to your collection (blog post).  Click on the links to read more about the books.

Fun Versions of Your Favorite Holiday Stories // In Our Pond  // Nativity // Christmas Stories // Jesus // Baby Jesus // Countdown to Christmas

There are so many versions of the Nativity story that I made an entire Christmas countdown with them.  Check out the 24 Nativity books by clicking on the pictures or the link.

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