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I've had this post ready to be published since last winter.  I have many grown-up Disney princesses in my life that I was thinking about when I made this list.  The focus is on four classic girls- who would you have chosen?

For this gift guide, I'm trying a different style of blogging.  As an Amazon Affiliate, I'm using their official product guide format.  Click on the product in the picture strip or on the links below.


As a little girl, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie.  I related to Belle, the bookworm, who didn't fit in with her community.  This princess collection was the easiest and most fun to assemble.

1- Chip is such an adorable character, and this ceramic mug would be perfect in any grown-up Disney princess's kitchen.  I love his silly nose and colorful, almost stained-glass base.

2- This working Cogsworth clock is amazing!  The face tells time and the pendelum swings in time.  I love the pose, like it's frozen in animation and will jump to life when your back is turned.  It's a great way to add some magic to a fairy tale castle.

3- Of course, if you have Cogsworth, you need Lumiere.  This candelabra really lights up and would be a romantic, whimsical addition to your Disney home.

4- Every Disney princess needs a beautiful dress.  This one would be perfect for a night of dancing in a ballroom (or at home).  I love all those ruffles!  Like a waterfall of gorgeous fabric.


Sleeping Beauty is one of the oldest Disney princesses.  She's also the most silent, having much fewer lines than any other princess and less screen time.  The movie is almost as much a study of the times in which is was created as it is a wonderful fairy tale.  It's also a true fairy tale, since it actually includes fairies- unlike some of the later Disney stories.

1- I hope my readers aren't annoyed, but I have to include a princess dress with every set of products.  'Cause the fastest way to feel like a princess is to put on a pretty dress.  Gift-givers, look for merchandise of Aurora in the rare blue outfit.

2- We don't own the Sleeping Beauty movie yet, so I included it on the list to remind myself to buy it.  It'll make a great family date night (perhaps another blog post- wink).

3- Perhaps not every girl had a fascination with spinning wheels after watching the movie, but I did!  It's one of the icons of the story, so I decided to include it.  This is a beautiful one.  I also saw a 1:12 scale dollhouse one that I was tempted to buy.

4- The other remarkable parts of Sleeping Beauty are the three fairies, who take Aurora into the woods to raise her.  The "make it pink" scene is so fun that these fairies deserve a place in a Disney princess home.


My sister loved the Little Mermaid the best growing up, and we have many pictures of her sitting like a fish out of water on a big rock.  Now that I'm an adult, I appreciate the movie a lot more.  It has a few of the most memorable songs in the Disney library- Kiss the Girl (which my sisters sung at my wedding!) and Under the Sea (bet your singing it now). 

1- This working mermaid tail swimming fin turns any biped into a magical water princess!  I would think that the motion of "flipping your fin" would be tiresome at first, so be sure to always swim with a buddy who can rescue you when your legs give out.

2- Ariel's hair is a very distinct red, so any princess cosplay will probably require a wig.  This curly one seems just the ticket- although I wouldn't try to swim in it.

3- Flounder is the princess's friend, and every Ariel wanna-be is going to need at least one on her bed.  He looks so soft and snuggly!

4- I recently saw a collection with lots of Ariel figurines that filled a room.  These statues make a good addition to a "look at this stuff" shelf.

Snow White

Snow White was the very first full-length Disney film.  She's practically the founder of the princess line.  If you have a taste for the classics, this is the princess for you.

1- This Seven Dwarfs statue is so beautiful.  The colors are muted and earthy, which makes it a subtle way to add a bit of Disney magic to your home.

2- Every princess needs a dress!  This blue and yellow one will be perfect for cleaning up after seven tiny mess-makers or laying around waiting for a prince to show up.

3- In the fairy tale, the wicked queen makes a poisoned apple for the princess to put her to death.  Celebrate that iconic fruit by drinking your favorite beverage out of it every day.

4- I don't think my kids have seen the classic movie, so I put it on this gift list


One of the oldest Disney movies and classic stories throughout the world, Cinderella is a lovely rags to riches story.  If you're Disney princess believes in love and magic, bipidy-bopidy-boo her some of these fun gifts.

1- The story of how a plain orange pumpkin becomes a golden carriage is an iconic part of the Cinderella tale.  It's a beautiful centerpiece for a wedding or every day!

2- The glass slipper is another magical part of the fairy tale.  Every grown-up princess needs her own commemorative shoe.

3- Spin and twirl in this princess dress in classic blue!

4- For a subtle nod to Cinderella, this beautiful figurine is perfect.  Great for the collector or as a first piece.

What Princess is Your Favorite?

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Gifts for Grown-Up Disney Princesses // In Our Pond // Disney princess dresses and home decor for adults // Christmas gift guide // Disneyland // Disney World // Holidays at Disney Parks

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