Gifts for My Little Pony Fangirls

Sadly Dragonfly has stated that she is no longer a "science girl" and is only excited about girly fandoms like Hatchimals and My Little Pony.  Her brothers have gotten on board with her obsession and call the show "Dragonfly's Little Pony."  These colorful pegasi (pegasuses?), unicorns, and alicorns (winged unicorns) have nestled into my daughter's heart and have found their way into our home.  With Christmas nearing in a few months, she helped me put together this list of her favorite My Little Pony toys and accessories.  Click on the links to see them for yourself.

Equestria Girls- It's a humanoid shaped girl with pony characteristics- what's not to love?  They have seven points of articulation and have a sweet expression.  Available in seven varieties for the major pony characters, these dolls are sure to top your daughter's list.

Canterlot Playset- It's like a dollhouse, but for ponies!

Memory Game- It's a memory game, but with ponies!

Ty Beanie Plush- The detail in these stuffed ponies is amazing.  They have enough structure to stand but are still comfortable for snuggling.

Playdoh Make and Style Ponies- Playdoh is great for developing fine motor skills and fueling the imagination.  This set allows you to mold a pony and then make hair that can be cut and styled.  Perfect for the girl who always likes to cut things.

Surprise Egg with Mini Ponies- I don't know what it is, but kids love surprise eggs.  This one comes with a bunch of mini ponies.  Leave them in their big egg or separate them into smaller eggs for even more surprise fun.

Equestria Girls Minis- These hard plastic versions of the Equestria girl dolls, which make them great for messy play and the bathtub.

Princess Celestia Glitter Celebration- This clear, plastic pony has a comb-able mane and tail.

Baby Flurry Heart- It's a baby pony with a bottle!

Scratch Fantastic Book- There are several kinds of scratch and sketch notebooks available for sale right now.  They have pictures to "trace" and other pages for making your own design.  They're great for travel, restaurants, and other wait times.

Mermaid Tail- We just got our first mermaid tail recently, but my daughter has her eye on this one too.  It's all your favorite ponies on a mermaid tail- what could be better?

Spirograph- I loved my spirograph when I was a kid, but I haven't introduced my kids to them yet.  This MLP version has some unique features.

Water Bottle- It's important for kids to have water at school or sports and this stainless steel water bottle is a great option.  It has a straw to encourage drinking and a flip top lid to keep it clean.

Twilight Sparkle Nightlight- The plastic pony in the picture is actually a nightlight!  It even comes with a timer.

Candy Land Game- Kids love Candyland and this one comes with tiny pony game pieces.  Awesome!

Bedding- A MLP fan needs pony bedding!  Perfect for a small obsession or a full room remodel.

Lunch Box- My kids have recently started carrying a lunch to co-op so we've needed lunch boxes for the first time in their lives.  I know my daughter would love this one.

Backpack- Of course, the lunch box and the backpack are a matching set.  Get em both!

Monopoly Jr- Run through Equestria, buying up properties, and playing to win with this version of the classic Monopoly Jr game.

Rainboots- Get ready for mud season with these adorable boots.

Slippers- When you come in from winter play, don this fuzzy slippers and warm up your toes.

Jacket- My daughter loves her Applejack coat with washable mane and tail.  It fulfills her need to have a cutiemark and inspires some pretend play.  She wants the whole collection (wink).

What's your child's favorite toy?  Reply in the Comments.

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