Must Have Classic Toys for Every Toy Box

There are certain toys that have withstood the test of time.  For this list, I focused on toddler and preschooler toys, such as the ones made classic by Toy Story (the 4th installment is coming out next summer).  I also remember many of these toys from my childhood.  How many of them did you own?

One of my very first toy memories are with the toys on this list.  "The cow says Moo-oo-ooo!" when the scratchy recording of the Farmer See and Say.  Many conversation were had on the Chatter Phone and beautiful music was made on the Xylophone.  I learned to hammer home my own fun on the Tap and Turn Toolbench and pretended to vacuum with the Corn Popper Playset.  Of course, the Rock a Stack is one of the most iconic baby toys, one that inspired my own DIY donut version.  I remember my younger siblings having the Little People Noah's Ark, which would be a great Christmas gift.  Click the links to add them to your shopping cart.

The toy that I cherished the most, though was the Play Tape Recorder!  I spent hours carrying it around while listening to the Wee Sing tapes and following along with the song books.  I think it was one of the primary ways I learned to read.  I loved that tape recorder!

Do you agree with the list?  What would you add?

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