Star Wars DIYs for Christmas

I was very excited to find this picture to use on this post, because we love Star Wars and we love Lego.  In fact, our master bathroom is Lego Star Wars themed.

Today, for my first day of the "All Wrapped Up Pre-Christmas Series" post, I'm starting with some Star Wars DIYs.  These awesome crafts are perfect for nerdy decorating and gift-giving.  Let me know in the comments if there's any that I missed.

1- Star Wars Coffee Bar Printables // Some of This and That
As the weather gets colder and the winter winds blow, the coffee bar becomes a main feature in our houses.  Is there anything better than curling your hands around a warm drink?  These coffee printables are great, because you can keep them up all year long.  Perhaps pair them with themed coffee cups or other kitchen items (I really like the R2D2 french press).  Grab the free printables to start decking the halls with the dark side.

2- Paper Lanterns // Adventure in a Box
Banish the darkness with these craft paper lanterns.  Follow the pattern on the blog to get several patterns.  Add battery powered tea lights for a kid-safe light option to last all winter.

3- Chewbacca Cinnamon Ornament // Twin Dragonfly Designs
These adorable ornaments are made using the gingerbread man cookie cutter that you probably already own.  They also use a simple cinnamon salt dough for a yummy Christmas smell.  Make several for your own tree and others for gift tags and presents.  The kids will love this craft too!

4- Paper Bag Wrapping Paper // Older and Wiser
If making your own wrapping paper out of craft paper sounds like fun, you'll love this painted paper.  Give kids a stamp and let them create their own designs.  Instructions can be used for any theme.

5- Darth Vader Tree // Pinterest User
Reuse pieces of your Halloween costume and show off your Star Wars ornament collection at the same time.  This simple tree will have a big impact on your decorations.

6- Exploding Lights and Sounds Death Star // Instructables 
A bit more complicated than most DIY crafts, this Death Star is the ultimate geek project.  The instructions tell you how to add the lights and sounds and to program different lights to go off at different times.  Plus, it can be cycled through different types of setting with the push of a button to be motion activated or on a timer.  The picture doesn't do it justice, so I just had to include the video as well.

7- Light Saber Christmas Lights // Desert Chica
This is a super simple craft with a big impact!  Combine a package of green, red, or blue straws with a string of Christmas lights.  Add some snowflake magic and the results are absolutely adorable.

8- Paper Snowflakes Collection // Matters of Grey
Paper snowflakes are a Christmas time classic.  I remember watching the Thanksgiving Day parade and making a big mess with paper scraps.  These Star Wars snowflake patterns will impress your friends and provide a cheap decoration for your home.  Be sure to stock up on plain computer paper!

Lego Star Wars Slime Ornament // Little Bins for Little Hands
From the Slime Queen, a fun, giftable Christmas ornament with Lego Star Wars characters floating in slime.  Stock up on slime making supplies and get to work making them for all the kids in your life.

Star Wars Crafts // The Gingerbread House
Last year, this blog did their own post of Star Wars Christmas decorations.  There are several original crafts that I didn't put on my own list.  Check out the post for 10 more great ideas!

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