Stocking Stuffers for Kids who Like to Chew

Stocking Stuffers for Kids who Like to Put Things in their Mouths // In Our Pond // autism // sensory processing disorder // oral sensory needs

*This is a sponsored post.  I was given free product in exchange for my honest opinion.  Ark Therapeutic also provided a free necklace for a giveaway to help me promote my blog.  The gift guide is my Christmas bonus to them.  All pictures come from the Ark Therapeutic website and belong to them*

Skimmer (age 6) loves to put things in his mouth!  He chews plastic and metal, rips things with his teeth, and gnaws his fingers.  He has many other sensory needs, but the oral sensory seeking can be the hardest to meet.  We have found that certain crunchy or flavorful foods are helpful, but there are often times (like in church) when eating noisy foods is not polite.  Enter- the silicone chew or chewelry.

Chewelry is kid-safe jewelry made out of food-grade silicone, which is meant to be chewed.  It's designed to meet the oral sensory needs in a safe way!  It comes in necklaces, bracelets, hand-held objects, pencil toppers, and more.  Some chews are shaped to meet different types of chewing needs, whether front teeth biting or back teeth gnawing.  They also come in several types of hardness for chewers from toddler to adult.

A blogging friend tuned me onto Ark Therapeutic early this past year.  i fell in love with the company as soon as I went on their website.  They're a family-owned company in the USA, who manufacture all of their own chewies locally.  A speech-language pathologist and an engineer got together to build the tools that occupational therapists (and all similar fields) and parents need for their special needs kids (or themselves).  All the products put out by Ark Therapeutic are medical grade, USA-manufactured, FDA compliant, and free from all sorts of bad stuff (BPA, PVC, lead, phthalates, and latex).  I feel great buying from this company and recommending it to everyone I know.

As I mentioned in the disclosure, Ark Therapeutic sent me free products to test out with my kids in exchange for this blog post.  Everything they sent to us, all my kids loved and used.  Even as I was putting together this blog post, they were giving me their wish list.  We have chewelry in the house, in the car, during homeschooling, and in my purse.  When I see my son start to get anxious, chew his fingers, or gnaw on toys, I pass him a chew.  The chewelry is much better for his teeth than anything else he could bite.

Ark Therapeutic also gave me one free chewelry necklace to giveaway to my readers  (scroll down to enter)  Since we're getting into Christmas time, I talked to the company about putting together a gift guide for them.  Chewelry makes great stocking stuffers and are fun enough to be exciting for kids to get as gifts.  Here are some of my family's favorite chews.  Which one is your favorite?

Stocking Stuffers for Girls who Like to Chew // In Our Pond // autism // sensory processing disorder // oral sensory needs

All links go to the Ark Theraputic website and are NOT affiliate links

Krypto-Bites- These long ones are good for people who like to chew with their back teeth.  I've also noticed that my kids suck on them a bit.

Smilie Face- It's not that emojis are particularly feminine, but I decided to include them in this list just for fun.  The round shape fills up the mouth and allows for chewing with a variety of teeth.

Pizza Slices- I love that you could put these slices together to make a whole pizza.  The shape reminds me of sleepovers and parties.  Great for a group of friends.

Diamond Necklace- Perfect for front teeth chewers, this diamond shape feels like princess jewelry while meeting a real oral need.

Best Friends Hearts- Designed with friends in mind, these front chewers are fun and functional.

Heart Chew- These hand-held chewers are adorable and perfect for the little darling in your life.  Great baby gift too!

Sidekick Chew- This big chew is about the size of an adult hand, making it a great choice for younger kids.  It's shape is really fun and has lots of places to hold onto it, too.

Fairy Princess Wands- I love that this super girly chew can be used for both front and back teeth chewers, making it a great option for a first chew.

Brick Pencil Toppers- Does your kid chew the top of their pencil at school or during homework time?  Do you?  This is the chew you need

Brick Fidget Spinners- How awesome is this combination between a chew and a fidget spinner!  I love it, and I know my son would as well.

Guitar Chew- This chew is specifically for babies to help them with their teething.  Of course, any music lover would benefit from this adorable chew.

Stocking Stuffers for Boys who Like to Put Things in their Mouths // In Our Pond // autism // sensory processing disorder // oral sensory needs

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Brick Stick- My kids love playing with Lego and think these brick sticks are amazing.  They're thin enough to be used as a back and front chewers.  The bumps are very nice to run across your fingers or other body parts if tactile input is what you seek.

Bite Sabers- Fans of Star Wars will love these fun "light saber" chews.  Great for kids who love to gnaw with their molars.

Dino Bite- This meaty dinosaur chew is perfect for kids who love fossils or even as a special souvenir for a trip to the museum.

Saber Tooth- The curve of this chew is great for lining up along your teeth.  On most kids, it reaches from the front to the back to give a lot of sensory input.  Plus, it looks cool.

Super Star- The star on these dog tags reminds me of Captain America.  If you have a kid who loves super heroes and bites with his front teeth, this is the chew for you!

Spider Bite- Another super hero themed chew, this one is good for Spiderman fans (like Tadpole- age 5).  The round shape fits the mouth well and touches many front teeth.

Ninja Star- This round shape has holes in it, which is great for kids who like to poke their fingers through things.  The non-solid shape would also be good for tongue poking.

Dino Tracks- This chew is good for dinosaur fans and front teeth chewers.

Bite Saber Pencil Toppers- Gear up a for a light saber battle and meet a sensory need to chew with these fun pencil toppers.

Magic Wand- This Harry Potter style wand is great for a back teeth chewer.

Original Grabber- With a special loop for gripping, this chew

Mega Brick Stick- This 6" Lego brick is great for babies and older chewers.

Overwhelmed by all the options?  Ark Therapeutic has awesome customer service!  Contact them on their website for individual help to meet your child's needs.  The company is family owned and family oriented, and I know they'll serve your family well.

Ark Therapeutic has graciously given me one chew necklace to giveaway to my readers!  And the best part is that you, the reader, get to pick out whichever one you want!  Gift has not cash equivalent and the giveaway is only open to residents of the USA.  Prize will be mailed from Ark Therapeutic.

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Stocking Stuffers for Kids who Like to Chew // In Our Pond // autism // sensory processing disorder // oral sensory needs

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  1. Great ideas! I had one of these for my daughter when she was a baby, but I really need one for my son who's 10! Would love one of the boy ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great idea! I have a child that chews all the erasers off of our pencils. I would love to see if this will help stop that problem.


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