100 Indoor Heavy Work Activities to Burn Energy

When I rebranded this blog from "In Our Pond" to "Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids" this year, I wanted to add more content for high-energy kids.  Some moms and I were talking this morning about dealing with stir-crazy kids in these winter months.  After I brainstormed a bunch of ideas for the FB group, I decided the list would make a great blog post!  I try not to do things the easy way in my blog, so I made a list of 100 activities.

1- breath holding contest to practice for summer swimming
2- cartwheels
3- make a balance board with a board and a can
4- stretch with exercise bands
5- wheelbarrow races down the hallway
6- put on a circus or play
7- paint a picture with your feet
8- handstand contest
9- pretend to be an animal
10- make a ring toss game with paper plates

11- 52 card pick-up
12- push an ice cube with your nose across the kitchen floor
13- play concentration (instructions)
14- wresting
15- speed cleaning contest
16- relay races
17- skipping
18- kitchen floor ice skating on wax paper
19- tickle fights
20- squats

21- bubble wrap stomping
22- throw a ping ball ball and catch in a cup
23- jump rope (teach your kids some playground rhymes)
24- couch cushion trampoline
25- play The Floor is Hot Lava
26- sumo wrestle wearing pillows
27- jumping jacks contest (or use them to practice spelling words, multiplication, etc)
28- make a blanket fort
29- pan for gold in the bathtub
30- turn off all the lights and get out the glow sticks

31- freeze blocks of ice with toys and melt them in the tub
32- hammer golf tees or pencils into a cardboard box
33- work out with canned goods in your hands
34- play Red Light Green Light
35- learn how to hula hoop
36- dance party
37- play tug of war
38- learn to square dance or waltz
39- make a giant game board on the floor
40- stream an aerobic workout on Youtube

41- play Mother May I?
42- pretend to be a donkey carrying a load on your back as you crawl around
43- carry full laundry baskets
44- blow a ping pong ball with a straw
45- glow in the dark dance party
46- play musical chairs
47- be a flamingo and see who can stand on one leg the longest
48- stream a dance workout on Youtube
49- play limbo
50- sock "snowball" fight

51- play freeze tag (and name cereals, state capitols, candies, colors, or whatever to get free)
52- picture charades
53- race while hopping on one foot
54- literally climb the walls (between door posts)
55- paper airplane contest
56- jump in and out of a hula hoop
57- chariot races (pull another person on a blanket)
58- go on a color or shape hunt
59- practice back bends
60- play baths

61- add active rules to a board game (like you have to do a push up on every turn)
62- do potato sack races with pillow cases
63- play volleyball with a balloon
64- giant sensory bin in the bathtub
65- practice 3-legged races
66- see how high you can jump
67- take out some toys they haven't seen in a while
68- play London Bridge
69- wall push-ups
70- make a human tangle and time how long it takes you to get untangled

71- throw a ball at a wall
72- play tin can golf
73- run circles around the couch or kitchen island
74- play bean bag toss tic tac toe
75- turn around and around until you get dizzy and fall down
76- bounce on an exercise ball
77- giant race track for toy cars with paint tape
78- make a ball pit in a pool
79- watch a musical and dance along
80- scrub the kitchen floor by hand (Hard Knock Life style)

81- walk like a penguin with an ball (egg) between your feet
82- play a full-body video game
83- make a bowling lane with some recycled bottles
84- stack plastic cups and knock them over with a ball
85- jump off the couch
86- play Twister
87- build an obstacle course
88- ball or bean bag toss
89- bat a balloon and keep it from touching the ground
90- play secret agent lasers with yarn

91- pillow fight
92- carry milk jugs full of water (or fill with rocks instead)
93- make a crash pad with a duvet cover and every soft thing in the house
94- play Simon Says
95- somersault contest
96- string yarn through the house and have the child spool it back up
97- follow the line (tape on the floor)
98- "Easter" egg hunt with whatever you have around to hide
99- play hopscotch with painter's tape
100- build an indoor gym

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