Pacific Northwest Learning Ideas

Setting up this landing page for my regional blog posts sent me on an interesting quest to figure out which region Idaho landed in.  It turns out that there isn't a consensus on this, so I just went with the general "west."  In this section, you'll find learning ideas related to the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon), the Rocky Mountain region (mainly Idaho), and the general West (maybe).  Click on the pictures to go to the posts.

For Pacific Northwest travel ideas, visit my family road trips blog- Party Through the USA

Kids who live in the Pacific Northwest often want to play with toys related to their surroundings.  Plastic animal collections like the ones from Safari Ltd and Schleich are great for learning about creatures in this habitat.  If the family enjoys being outdoors, the child would probably like a camping playset like this one from Learning Resources.  Homeschoolers will appreciate toys that add to their studies like Safari Toobs of animals, which are great for sensory bins, and 4D animal models like this one of a frog.  A nature journal paired with some twig pencils is another good gift for a wild-at-heart kid.  These adorable and authentic plush bird with real sounds are a great introduction to bird watching for babies and preschoolers.  Click on the links to find the perfect toy for your nature-loving kid.

Camping with Kids?  Click the picture for lots of ideas!


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