Sensory Bin with Safari Ltd Dolphin Toobs

This is a sponsored post from Safari Ltd.  Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids received free toys in exchange for this post.  All opinions are my own.

Anyone starting to think about summer?  We're buried in snow, but tax return season means that we spend time planning summer vacations.  We have a trip to the beach scheduled for May, which the entire family is counting down to excitedly.  With the ocean on my mind, this Caribbean-colored dolphin sensory bin is the perfect way to wait out the winter storms.

To make the sensory bin, I used an entire container of table salt.  In a small cup, I put a small amount of warm water and some gel food coloring.  The water is needed to incorporate the dye into the salt.  Put the salt in a zip top back and dump the colored water into the bag as well.  Close the bag, then shake and manipulate the salt to mix them together.  Allow the salt to dry on a cookie sheet.  The kids can play with the sensory sand on the cookie sheet or you can put them in a bin for play time.

Dragonfly couldn't wait to get her hands on the adorable animals.  She dreams of being a marine biologist, and loves to learn all she can about ocean animals.  When we opened the Safari Ltd Dolphin Toob, Dragonfly immediately started telling me the names of the mammals and where they live in the world.  I hadn't realized she knew so much about them!  She claims it's from watching the Octonauts TV show and Johnathan Bird's Blue World.  She wants to study dolphins and swim with them in the future, and this toob gives her a great chance to pretend to do just that.

One of Safari Ltd's missions is that they made toys that teach.  This toob of dolphins is great for learning about marine mammals (especially paired with their Dolphins and Whales toob).  Pair these toys with a great book on dolphins or even a 4D model with all it's parts.  Place them on a world map to show which oceans they live in or watch a dolphin show on Youtube.  The colored salt is also good for a Montessori-inspired salt tray to practice handwriting.

For Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids readers, Safari Ltd has given us an exclusive promo code!  If you put "MissyP" in the discount codes box during checkout, you can receive 15% off your entire order!  I'm very excited about this special offer, so click on the link above or below to shop at Safari Ltd's website.

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