Gifts for the Homeschool Mom

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away!  I was encouraged by some other moms to put together a gift guide specifically for moms who homeschool.  The truth is that educator moms are just like regular moms in a lot of ways- we just want to pee alone!  I recently polled a group of like-minded moms on what they wanted for Mother's Day (or any day).  Their answers were similar to what any mom would want.  If you're looking for a gift for your mom or a mom figure in your life, this is a great place to start.

- flowers for the garden

- breakfast in bed

- labor from their families

- maids or cooks

- a day off, sleep

- a massage

- gift cards or money

- vacations

- chocolates

- date nights

- a clean house

- van detailing

- babysitter

- go to the movies alone

- organizational help

- taxi service for the kids

- time alone

- novels and time to read

- time with husband and kids

Several moms also had requests specific to being homeschool teachers, either educational things for themselves or additions for their classroom.  I made an collage with all their ideas and added links to the products below.  Click on the colored text to buy the product.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader- I received this e-reader for Christmas this year.  I've been a Kindle user for ten years or so and have had many versions and editions.  I'm not a tablet person (although if your mom is- you should get her the Kindle Fire), so the Paperwhite is perfect for me.  It emits a very soft light, so your mom can read in the dark and it holds lots of books for carrying around an entire library with you.  One of my favorite features of this newest version is that it's waterproof!  I can't think of anything better for moms than a waterproof electronic.

Mom Shirts- Announce to the world that your mom is the best homeschool teacher around and explain her strange habit of talking to herself with a graphic t-shirt.  A custom window sticker from Etsy for the "mom van" would be a good addition to this gift.  Homeschool moms love to brag that "the world is their classroom" or that they own a "socialization shuttle."

Education Planner- Managing a one-room schoolhouse is never a small task.  Help your mom plan her year and keep track of your education by getting her a planning book specifically designed for multiple grades.

HP Instant Ink Printer- Homeschool moms do a lot of printing!  This wireless printer allows your mom to send print jobs from anywhere in the house or on the go through her phone, but the best part is that she'll never run out of ink again, because HP will send her a new cartridge to her door before she runs out.  Read more about the program here.

Laminator- All that printing means that your mom also has a lot of things she wants to laminate.  Get her a new homeschool toy and watch the tears of gratefulness fill her eyes.

Crayola Classroom Packs- What is it that your mom is always complaining about running out of- Glue?  Crayons?  Markers?  Paper?  Pencils?  Make her mother's day special by ordering her a big box of bulk school supplies.

Encouraging Books- Being a homeschool mom is tough and lonely.  Help your mom be the best teacher she can be by giving her a reassuring book to show her that she's not alone or crazy.  Time to read these books would be a wonderful gift as well.

Bulk Chocolate- Whether your mom hides in the bathroom eating fair trade organic chocolate, Ferrero Rocher truffles, or a handful of chocolate chips, show your mom how much your appreciate her by presenting her with a bulk bag of her favorite indulgence.

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