Montessori-Inspired Penguin 3-Part Cards

I was going through my Montessori-Inspired 3-part cards the other day and comparing my collection to the toobs listed on the Safari Ltd. website, when I discovered a startling thing- I didn't have matching cards for the Safari Ltd Penguin Toob!  Since the penguin toob was one of the very first toys I bought for our homeschool, I was shocked.  Today, I remedy that problem!

The Safari Ltd Penguins are perfect for all sorts of homeschooling and play situations.  I did a big roundup early this year with crafts, food, printables, and more.  I'm posting another article about penguins again tomorrow!  There's just so many great ideas and so many ways to learn about these flightless birds.

For today's blog post, I wanted to add a few ways to play with the Safari Ltd Penguins.  In the picture below, I've listed nine small world scenarios from landscapes to sensory bins.  If you laminate my penguin cards, your child will be able to play with the penguins and match them to the cards at the same time.  Click the colored text to visit the pages.

The printable cards can be used Montessori-style to practice identification, reading, spelling, and more, either alone or matched with the Safari Ltd Penguins.  They can also be the springboard for storytelling or research, as children learn to compare the species.  Print off two copies to play a simple game of memory match.  Learn more about world geography and place the penguins in their correct homes (Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, South America, etc).  The uses for these adorable penguins is pretty much unlimited.  What's your favorite way to play with the penguins?

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