Ideas for Learning about Ladybugs

After I made the ladybug life cycle cards last month, I was inspired to do a bit more with ladybug things.  I have a blog post coming up next month with lots of ideas for learning about many different insects.  I may also be adding a few more ladybug things soon (so watch the blog for them).  Today, I wanted to focus on some of the awesome content that other bloggers have produced, specifically ones that can be used for a ladybug themed study unit.

@Entomart via Wikipedia Commons

Random Facts about Ladybugs:

- called ladybugs or ladybirds, but they're not bugs, they're beetles

- carnivorous beetles who eat aphids

- great for your garden as long as they're native to your area

- there are more than 5000 species in the world

- they come in many different colors and patterns

- the brighter their color, the more toxic they are

- mama ladybugs lay extra eggs (unfertilized) for larvae food

As I was looking for all the fun homeschooling printables, I kept running into amazing sensory play ideas too.  I just couldn't leave them alone- I had to add them to this blog post too!  If your kids love slime, play dough, and sensory bins like my kids do, then this list is for you.

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