Books about Freshwater Fish for Kids

We're preparing as a family for a road trip to the Oregon Coast, which will include a short field trip to a fish hatchery.  In the Northwest USA, trout and salmon are some of our most common fish for eating.  Because they're a popular fishing target, they have human help for reproduction to restock the lakes, rivers, and streams.  We're hoping to learn a little about that process (and see a huge, old sturgeon) when we visit the hatchery.

In anticipation of our trip, I wanted to start gathering some resources for learning about freshwater fish (look for more in the near future).  To start, I grabbed these science books about them, focusing on their life cycles and ecology of the forest.  I also included a few toys, because I couldn't resist.

When we're learning about a new subject, we often check out Youtube to see if there's an interesting videos we can find.  Here's an interesting National Geography documentary on salmon.  Click the box to watch the movie.

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