Galaxy Battle Math in a Tin

I designed this set to help my little Star Wars fans learn math.  A year ago, I posted these Duel Forces Counters, which we've been using successfully with both boys.  We started with the counting board shown in the original post to build some basic number sense.  I made this second set of "Galaxy Battle" math to expand the usage options even more!  We love that you can store the counters in an altoid tin, too.

Galaxy Battle Math in a Tin // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // Montessori-inspired number sense lesson

The green guy, dark lord, and boy with the sword can be cut out from the printable and either laminated and used or modge podged to wood tiles.  I usually laminate the paper on one side with packing tape and then use a glue stick to attach them to the tiles.  I like the added weight to them, and I think it helps add value to them by making them look more official.

The number cards can be lined up in row and the counters placed underneath them to work on number sense.  If you want to work on 1-5 at once, you need 15 counters.  If you want to work on 1-10, then you need 55 counters total.  The number line can be used as a control to show kids the number order.

Galaxy Battle Math in a Tin // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // addition and subtraction on a 20-frame for elementary kids

Once kids have mastered number quantities, they can start working addition and subtraction with the 20-frame.  I've found that the grid and squares help my sons to "cage" each counter and keep everything in order.

My sons enjoy playing a game where I ask them to show me a certain number of "Darth Vaders" and then they build the numbers on the board.  When they get the number correct, I tell them to show me "zero Darth Vaders" and they clear the board.  I've noticed a bit improvement in their number sense after starting the 5 and 10-frame.

Two or three types of counters can be used to show addition, while one type of counter is probably best to show subtraction.  After beginning to use the Sugar Cookie Counters with my daughter, three addend calculations no longer seemed impossible.  We use math problems from our workbooks or from our heads, but you can also roll dice to make equations.

Galaxy Battle Math in a Tin // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // multiplication and division on the 20-frame

Although it's limited, the 20-board can also be used to show multiplication and division.  As in the picture, groups of counters can be placed to show their relationship to each other and then counted to get the product.  Division can be accomplished by moving around the counters for the larger number into the divisor to make the answer.

In a similar way, you could also use the 20-board and counters to show fractions and other math concepts.  How would you use them?  I can almost guarantee that even the most mathematically reluctant Star Wars fan will enjoy this printable.  It worked for my boys when nothing else would do!

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Galaxy Battle Math in a Tin // Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids // Star Wars fans will love this adorable set of basic math activities that fit in an Altoid tin.  Parents will love how easy they are to assemble.  Students can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number sense, and addition with several numbers.  Free printables for math in many themes.  May the Fourth be with you!


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