Insect Letter Tracing Cards

All three of my kids are working on letter formation, so I made these tracing cards for them.  I've seen so many fun card designs lately that I knew I needed to make my own (watch for more in the near future).  These bubble letter cards feature the Buggy clipart from Scrapbook Gems.  The open letter is very useful for kids who are still working on fine motor control, because the wide space gives them the best chance of success.

The PDF features English letters from A-Z in both upper and lowercase.  Each letter also features a start dot and room at the top of the card to bind them together.  I recommend laminating them, so kids can write on them with white board markers (or these cool white board crayons from Crayola) over and over.

I left extra space at the tops of the cards so they can be bound together with a binding machine to make a flip book (see my other flip books here).  The binding makes them extra portable, so they can be taken anywhere like the car, airplanes, restaurants, church, appointments, or wherever.

Look for Monster Truck cards later this month!

What theme should I do next?
Put your answer in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion! It's up on my blog now ;=)


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