Monster Truck Writing Tray and Matching Game

Do your kids love monster trucks?  Can they never have enough dirt?  Then, this is the activity for you!  All week long, I've been posting monster truck themed learning ideas, starting with math in an Altoid tin, letter tracing cards, and now letter identification practice with a matching game.  Scroll to the end of the post to see all my monster truck ideas.

This might be one of the most boring matching games I've ever made (I think the upcoming camping one will be the cutest).  I couldn't figure out an interesting way to make the letters, so I just made them brown.  I have also included a monster truck themed background so you can print the cards two sided and make them a bit less see-through.  I recommend printing on cardstock and them laminating.

Kids can match the uppercase with the lowercase letters or match all uppercase with their exact clone (print 2 copies) for learning the identification of each letter.  The letters can also be used as a "moveable alphabet" for spelling out words.  You could use my sight word flashcards, their spelling list words, or the name for their favorite monster truck.

I love Montessori style salt writing trays for letter practice.  They're great for tactile learners who love to get their hands a little messy and can be used like a sensory bin that also encourages handwriting.  For my "dirt" writing tray below, I used flour and cocoa powder in equal amount and then added a bit of oil.  I think if I added a bit more oil, it would become cloud dough.  Kids can use their finger to write the letters on the tray and then shake it gently to erase their work and start over.

Salt trays are also great for perfectionist and kids who are sensitive about making mistakes, because they can practice the letter over and over without any permanent record of their "failures."  Just move the dirt or salt around a bit and no one has to know that you messed up.

I tried to borrow one of my boys' mini monster trucks for this writing tray picture, but they wouldn't share.  They were too busy playing in the dirt with them.  My mind is currently buzzing with monster truck learning ideas, so come back soon and see what I think up next!

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