Montessori-Inspired Zoo Babies 3-Part Cards

I love baby zoo animals!  Getting to see an exotic animal up close is amazing!  I spent a lot of my childhood at zoos, and am always happy to share that experience with my kids (surprisingly, we haven't gone to one in five years).  I was shocked to see that I had never made Montessori-inspired 3-part cards to match the Safari Ltd Zoo Babies toob!

I think what happened is that I made the Zoo animal matching cards (recently updated) is that I thought the two toobs were similar enough to not warrant two printables.  When I looked at them both recently, I realized that they are a bit different and did need their own set of cards.  Although the Safari Ltd Wild Animals toob and Safari Ltd Zoo Babies have enough in common that you can match the moms and babies for an added bonus.

To make the PDF into a set of Montessori-inspired 3-part cards, print two copies of the cards and laminate both sets.  Then, cut out all the cards.  For one set of cards, leave the picture and label attached, which then becomes part one of the 3-parts.  With the second set of cards, cut the label off the pictures making two pieces.  The child can then match the picture to the picture and the picture to the label, using the whole cards as a way to self-check their answers.  Of course, the cards can also be matched to the Safari Ltd Wild Animals toob, which are also great for sensory bins and messy play.

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