S'more 10-Frame Math

When I first started putting together summer themes, I knew that I wanted to make a camping week as well.  I grew up camping with my family, and we continue to go on a few trips every year with our children.  When I was a kid, we didn't eat the tradition version of S'mores very often, preferring a simplified recipe like just sticking the chocolate straight into the marshmallow and skipping the crackers all together.

My kids have gotten to eat many more S'mores in their lifetime than I probably had as a child, so they're very familiar with the yummy dessert.  They're very excited about all the S'more printables and activities I have for you this week.  For what I've started to call "Math Monday," I'm starting with a marshmallow 10-frame.

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Kids can place mini marshmallows onto the 10-frame to build numbers or can add 2 numbers to practice adding to 10.  For added cuteness factor, stick the marshmallows onto toothpicks so the child can pretend to be roasting them.  Ask them, "How many S'mores are we making?"  The printable PDF also includes number cards for labeling the quantity of marshmallows and an Altoid tin label for storing the number cards.

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