Watermelon Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I was very surprised in my watermelon homeschooling research that I never ran across a watermelon life cycle printable.  There's plenty of stuff for apples, pumpkins, and beans, but I couldn't even find clip art the illustrated the process.  When I decided to use real life pictures, Montessori-style, I had a lot of trouble even finding images for each step.  These cards are a labor of love to my readers and my family, and I was very excited when I finished them.

Like most of my Montessori-inspired printables, these cards are meant to be used in a 3-part matching activity.  Download the PDF and print off two copies of the watermelon images.  To make them into a 3-part cards, cut out the cards, separating the pictures from the label on one set, while keeping the other ones whole.  The child can then match the pictures to the pictures and the labels to the label.

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