Whale Number Cards 0-50

My family recently took a vacation to the Oregon Coast, which is known for it's dramatic beaches, tide pools, and whale watching.  Although we never got to see any whales on the trip, we have spend a bit of time both before and after the weekend learning about whales and other marine mammals.  Every day this week, I'm going to have printables or ideas featuring whales!

Today's post was inspired by the two most common whales seen off the Oregon Coast- the Orca and the Grey Whale.  I made two sets of number cards featuring the mammals, which can be used for many different math activities.  When children are first learning their numbers, the printable can be used as flashcards for naming the number by it's digits.  After they know the name of the number, they can begin building it with counters (check out these cute whale counters!) and later base-10 blocks.

Later, the child can begin to put the cards in order, building their own number line, which can be used to help them work out simple math equations.  The number line can also be used for skip counting, perhaps adding a glass bubble to the target number (for example, all the evens or 10s).  There will be a great sense of accomplishment when the child masters these 101 numbers and understands their relationship to each other.

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