The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up

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A few months ago, I was accepted into the Kid Blogger Network (KBN), which was very exciting for me.  To celebrate, I started a monthly series with all the best content from the KBN bloggers.  February was my first month, and I featured posts for Dental Health Month.  This month, I'm going Seussical!

Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2nd, which is celebrated as Read Across America.  Whether you're a homoeschooler, a schoolteacher, or a mom, there's something for you on this post!


Whether you're throwing a classroom party, a birthday, or movie night, food is an easy way to highlight the theme.  In this section, you'll find everything from snacks to desserts.

Cat in the Hat Snack from Inner Child Fun

I love this adorable Cat in the Hat cheese stick!  To get a blank canvas for drawing, buy the store-brand cheese rather than the name-brand.  Then, color with a permanent marker.  Easy and so cute!

Lorax Rice Crispy Treats by From ABCs to ACTs
Shamefully, my family has not seen the Lorax movie yet.  These rice crispy treats look like just the thing for our family movie night.

Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2, so why not celebrate with special Seussical things from morning to night.  If dyed green eggs doesn't sound appealing, you can try this healthier alternative.  The silly straw makes the meal even more awesome.

Trying New Foods from Sunny Day Family
It can be very hard to get some kids to try new things.  I love the idea of this "do I like it" mat and chart.  Remember that Sam thought he didn't like green eggs and ham until he tested them for himself.  You could do this activity every year or so to see which foods are now liked compare to the year before.

Cat in the Hat Snack from The Best Ideas for Kids
These stacked candy hats are so fun!  My kids would love making and eating them.  Yum!

Cat in the Hat Cupcakes from In the Kids' Kitchen
Look at all that sugar!  It's almost like a "monster" cupcake.  I like the marshmallow and oreo top hat.  These cupcakes would be a great treat for a Cat in the Hat birthday or baby shower.

Healthy Popsicle from Views from a Step Stool
If you live in a part of the country that is already getting hot in March, then these popsicles will be perfect for you.  The rest of us might want to wait until later in the year.  Fresh fruit would make these amazingly tasty.

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The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up from In Our Pond   #march #drsuessmonth #readacrossamerica #catinthehat

There's MORE CONTENT after the break!

Posters about Reading from In Our Pond
Dr. Suess month focuses on reading,  These posters are great for your reading area or library.  They print at both legal size (11x14) and regular size (8.5x11).  Snag some today!

Word Search from Jinxy Kids
This word search would be a great activity on a road trip or waiting time.  Just print and go!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Corner Bookmarks from Red Ted Art
These corner bookmarks are a printable and a project.  I love their silly hair.

Dr. Seuss Mad Libs from Rock Your Homeschool
I used to love Mad Libs when I was in elementary school.  I distinctly remember doing them at a birthday party as a group game.  Do parents do that anymore?  I don't know, but it you wanted to make Mad Libs part of your Dr. Seuss celebration, this printable is perfect.

Dr. Suess Bingo from Rock Your Homeschool
This looks like a very fun classroom party activity, birthday game, or homeschool brain break.  What a cheap and easy way to celebrate reading and Dr. Seuss.

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The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up from In Our Pond   #march #drsuessmonth #readacrossamerica #catinthehat

School Printables

Word Search from Artsy Fartsy Mama
I stuck this word search here not to much because it's different from the other one, but just to separate them.  The other one could be used in a school setting, and this one could be used in a non-academic setting.

Roll and Cover Math Mats from J. Daniel 4's Mom
Roll the dice and cover the number you rolled.  This can be done as a "race" between two or more people or as a learning activity for one child.

Red Fish, Blue Fish ABC Matching from Growing Book by Book
This would be a quick game to make and would be a great review for learning letters.  I like how the capital letters are one color and the lowercase ones are another to make the distinction between them a bit easier.  Crafters may enjoy making a more permanent set out of felt or fabric.

CVC Matching Game from There's Just One Mommy
Another matching game, this time with CVC matching words.  Click on the link above to read how to play and how to make your own.

Rhyming Word Families from Sight and Sound Reading
Color the rhyming words red to make Cat in the Hat striped hats.  So cute!

Dr Suess Learning Pack from Rock Your Homeschool
I love the cute clip art on this learning pack, which is full of games and activities.  I'm sure your kids will love it too.

One Fish, Two Fish Counting from The Best Ideas for Kids
I don't know why, but I think goldfish crackers are just adorable and make learning time so much better.  This counting page will help your preschooler work on numbers 1-5.

Reading Charts and Certificates from Fancy Shanty
Dr. Seuss's birthday is now called "Read Across America."  This reading pack from Fancy Shanty will help you reward and encourage good readers.  I really like the punch cards.

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The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up from In Our Pond   #march #drsuessmonth #readacrossamerica #catinthehat


Lorax Handprint from Jinxy Kids
I think this would be a cute classroom craft to do as a parent present and memory of kindergarten.  Of course, parents can also make them for grandparents, the mailman, and the librarian.  Read the book, watch the movie, and then make this hand print craft.

Fox in the Box Puppet from J. Daniels 4's Mom
Red Sock, Red Fox.  It's a natural progression.  Make the puppet and act out the book.  What other adventures could your fox find?  And what DOES the fox say?

Horton Hears a Who Cotton Ball Painting from Growing Up Gabel
I think this painting is adorable.  I think it would be an awesome mural in a nursery.  Be sure to read "Horton Hears a Who" and watch the movie after doing the craft.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Craft from School Time Snippets
Anybody have a Thing 1 and Thing 2 in their house?  Little mischief makers?  Celebrate them with this cute toilet paper roll craft.

Striped Hat from Red Ted Art
This hat offers good cutting practice as your child cuts strips of paper to make the stripes.  How tall could you make the hat?

Color Mixing Truffula Trees from School Time Snippets
My kids are fascinated with color mixing right now.  I love this non-traditional mixing and the interesting look of the fork painting.

Cat in the Hat Craft from There's Just One Mommy
Cat in the Hat is the official spokesperson for Read Across America.  Celebrate him with this easy paper plate craft.

Toilet Paper Crafts from Non-Toy Gifts
I like the google eyes on this toilet paper roll Cat in the Hat.  I think you should make him and the Things to make some cheap puppets.  Read the book and act it out with the puppets.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Planters from Non-Toy Gifts
I think these planters would be adorable in a Dr. Seuss classroom.  I can just picture them in a sunny window.  Of course, they'd also make a great teacher gift.

Cat in the Hat Puzzle Picture from Preschool Toolbox
Is it just my family that has extra puzzle pieces laying around without a home?  I love that this craft puts them to use.  If you don't have any puzzles to use, you can buy extras at the dollar store.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Blow Paint from I Heart Crafty Things
The Things have crazy hair.  Make your own crazy hair with this blow painting.  Be sure to work on a paint-safe surface as blown paint is unpredictable.

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The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up from In Our Pond   #march #drsuessmonth #readacrossamerica #catinthehat


Some of the ideas from from the bloggers didn't fit in the craft category, so I made this section.  Enjoy!

Exploring Shadow from Fantastic Fun and Learning
I hadn't heard of "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" before reading this blog post.  I love all the shadow exploration from this post.  Plus, it encourages everyone to get out in the spring sunshine!

Stack the Hat from Little Bins for Little Hands
I don't know what it is about this tiny Solo cups from the dollar store, but I can't stay away from them.  They are so fun in sensory bins, crafting, and miniature work.  I like this tower stacking challenge and the physics that can be picked up from playing with cups and index cards.

Grinch Movie Ideas from In Our Pond
We don't typically think of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" as anything but a Christmas movie, but it is also a Dr. Seuss classic.  My family loves Family Movie Nights and this post has some ideas for a Grinchy event.

Thing One and Thing Two Activity by J. Daniel 4's Mom
We just can't escape Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Here are a bunch of activities to celebrate them.

Cat in the Hat Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands
My family has just gotten into slime recently, and love making it.  They would love a tray of striped slime like this.  So inviting!

The Shape of Me Shadow Matching from There's Just One Mommy
This activity is a slightly different take on the shape of things, but I think it compliments the shadow idea from above very well.  Trace objects and take turns matching them.

Dr Seuss Movies from Outside the Box Mom
Grab some popcorn and settle in for a Dr. Seuss marathon on Netflix.  Read the book, watch the movie, do the crafts, all day long.  Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate.

Games from KC Edventures
I love the idea for games based on the books.  Perfect for a party or classroom celebration.

Cat in the Hat Felt Activity from Living Life and Learning
I love working with felt, so I was excited to include this activity.  Cut extra pieces and make it a silly emotions activity.  I love that it can be done over and over.  The pieces would be nice for a felt board too.

Truffula Trees Sensory Bin from Lemon Lime Adventures
We also love sensory bins, and I think this truffula tree one is very cute.  I think the striped straws add a lot of visual interest.  Grab and elephant and your kids can act out the "Horton Hears a Who" story.

Whoooo!  That was a lot of posts to round-up!  I thank the good people at the Kid Blogger Network for lending me their content.  I'm so excited about this series!

Next month, I've got some silly things to share with you, so check back soon!

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The Ultimate Dr. Seuss Round-Up from In Our Pond   #march #drsuessmonth #readacrossamerica #catinthehat

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