How to Turn Your Backyard into a Kids' Paradise

Spring is finally here!  Part of waking up from winter hibernation is that the kids start spending a lot more time outside.  And even though it snowed the last two weekend, I'm hopeful that warmer weather is coming soon.

My kids love to dig for worms, ride their bikes, play on their swing set, and are generally pretty good about finding things to do outside.  However, I'm always looking for more fun things for them to do.  This blog post was born out of a Pinterest search, then I decided to get my Kid Blogger Network friends involved.  The result is this epic, mom-approved list of outdoor fun!

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Kids' Paradise from In Our Pond  #summer #garden #backyard #letthechildreplay #fun #summerfun #playiswork #summerbreak #yard #diy #crafts #crafting #modify #upcycle #recycle #reusePulley System from Bigger than the Three of Us
This would be so easy and have a big impact on kids' playtime.  They could use the pulley wheel and bucket to haul up toys or a snack.  A simple rope cleat keeps the bucket tied off for later.

Skateboard Swing
The main ingredient of this swing is a skateboard deck, which are pretty easy to find.

Rain Gutter River as seen on Crafty Morning
I am SO doing this as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer.  Check back soon for the tutorial.

I know this is a summer post, but this ice skating rink is something that my Husband has been dreaming of for a while.

I am obsessed with wind chimes!  I'm sure I'll have some on the blog soon.

I used to play a lot of tether ball at a kid.  It would be neat to make one for my own kids.

Music Wall from Filth Wizardry
I am torn between how cool a music wall would be and how much it would annoy my neighbors.

Tire Stack from Pinterest User
This looks like a great place to play King of the Hill

More from the Kid Blogger Network!

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Kids' Paradise from In Our Pond  #summer #garden #backyard #letthechildreplay #fun #summerfun #playiswork #summerbreak #yard #diy #crafts #crafting #modify #upcycle #recycle #reuse
Nerf Battlefield // STEAM Powered Family
I love that this family build a Nerf battlefield in their backyard from random junk and recycled things.  They made it for a birthday party, but let the kids plan it out and change it as they wish.  Pallets and tires are the main components.  Be sure to stock up on nerf bullets so there are plenty to go around.

This course would also be great for laser tag or paintball.

Water concoctions, color mixing, mud pies, and more in this fun water science center.

The top of this tent is so interesting.  It would be a great place to hold a clubhouse meeting, read a book, or do some homeschooling.

I have included quite a few play and mud kitchens on this post, because each one is so different.  In fact, I should probably do an article with just mud kitchens.  So fun!

Water Games // East Coast Mommy
I love this article with 10 mom-approved water games.  The picture shows an easy water gun target.  I like the idea of the target to help promote kind water play and perhaps less crying.  Be sure to have a water gun for everyone and an easy way to refill them!

Bee Garden // Outdoor Families Online
Kids would enjoy making this bee-friendly garden and helping their little friends.  This idea would work very well with a bee homeschool or co-op unit.  The article has lots of tips and ideas for what to plant, considerations like water sources, and design.

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Kids' Paradise from In Our Pond  #summer #garden #backyard #letthechildreplay #fun #summerfun #playiswork #summerbreak #yard #diy #crafts #crafting #modify #upcycle #recycle #reuseSand Fairy Garden // Frogs and Fairies
I like how the daughter made the fairy house and painted them.  My 6 year old would love do to something like that as well.  Grab a few toy fairies to complete the small world, and you're ready for playtime.

Mini Pond // Fun Crafts Kids
Most people don't have room for a full pond in their yard, so this family made a mini pond.  They dug out a hole for a plastic container, added sand and rocks, then planted some pond plants.  A pond that shallow would be hard to keep filled in some climates, but it would make a great sensory bin.  And perhaps it would get visited by tree frogs and garter snakes, too.

Outdoor Chalkboard // Rhythms of Play
This outdoor chalkboard is a great use for an old door.  Our current house doesn't have any place for outdoor chalk, but the kids are always asking to color with some.  Perhaps we need to work on getting this set up for them.

Paint the Fence // Edventures with Kids
I think that it's really neat this mom let her kids randomly paint their backyard fence.  It's so colorful and fun.  It would be neat to have it as a playdate or birthday party or to a make a "memories" wall where all visitors could leave their hand print.  This makes me wish we had a wood fence to paint.

Mud Kitchen // Megan Zeni 
If messy play is your thing, then you'll love this mud kitchen idea from Megan.  She tells you how to get your dirt, how to set it up for more than one kid, and where to get all the loose pieces.  I also really like this idea of painted rock play food, which would be a perfect match for this muddy play kitchen.

Outdoor Easel // Fantastic Fun and Learning
I would love to make this outdoor easel for the kids.  I'm not a painter, but I think it looks so inviting.  I love that all the mess can be outside and can be easily washed away with a hose.  I also appreciated her tip to add dish soap to the paint to help it wash clean quicker.

I think this would make a great summer birthday gift alongside a pile of bath crayons and finger paints.

How to Turn Your Backyard into a Kids' Paradise from In Our Pond  #summer #garden #backyard #letthechildreplay #fun #summerfun #playiswork #summerbreak #yard #diy #crafts #crafting #modify #upcycle #recycle #reuse
Weaving Frame // Mother Natured
This continuous art project looks so inviting!  If you had a chain link or wire fence, you could to the weaving on it for a unique look.

Xylophone // The Moments at Home
Music outdoors seems to be a theme when people write about backyard playtime.  This idea uses random glass jars to make a xylophone.  If you had kids that could be trusted not to drop boulders on the jars, this would made a neat sound and would be a great way to reuse them.

Mud Kitchen // The Gingerbread House
This appears to be a cleaner sort of mud kitchen.  Maybe it's just an outdoor play kitchen?  My kids would enjoy taking their homemade play dough outside or cooking with a bag of bird seed or even different colored sands.  This mom used rocks and other natural loose parts for her play area.

Sweet Pea Tent // Saving Dollars and Sense
I love the idea of growing your own tent for the yard.  It would be neat to have veggies ripening above your head too.  If you got enough of a head start, you could grow strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, or many other things.  It's a tent and a snack!

Fairy Garden // Rhythms of Play
I would love to make an alive tent someday.  I think it would be so neat to sit in the shade of sunflowers, peppers, or sweet peas.  I imagine that it might take a bit of a longer growing season to get to the bushiness required to make the natural house complete before fall.

Minnie Mouse Clubhouse // Craft Moms Share
I love how this family took a seldom used shed and converted it into a clubhouse for their daughter.  I also thought it was great how they reused the party decorations from a recent birthday to outfit the shed.

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