Buggy Math Activities with Printable

I saw an adorable patterning activity on Instagram (@Play.and.learn.activities) and was so inspired that I had to create my own version.  Since I've been doing a lot of springtime insect posts lately, I immediate thought about making it bug themed.  This printable would go well as part of a insect life cycle study or just a way to make math more fun and would be good for most early elementary kids.

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Firstly, I created pattern strips using four basic colors, so that they could be used with many different themes.  I printed the strips, cut them out, laminated them on only on one side using packaging tape, and then glued them to a giant wood popsicle stick with a glue stick.  Once they're all made, that can be stored in a zip top bag, and the child can chose which pattern they want to build.

Kids can use pom poms, buttons, toys, or anything they can find to make the patterns.  I have made a bug themed one (below) and a monster truck one that I'll be releasing in a few months.  What other themes would you like to see?

For these bug-themed math counters, print the PDF, which includes five types of insects, 10 and 20-frame boards, number cards, and a label for an altoid tin.  Cut out the circles with the bugs and laminate one side using packing tape.  Glue them onto 3/4" wood circles with a glue stick.  Repeat until all the bugs have been done.  Print extra bugs depending on how many kids you have working.

For the number cards, 10 and 20-frames, I would run them through a lamination machine to make them more durable.  The number cards and frames can be used for working on number sense (expressing a number through objects) or basic addition and subtraction.  The frames design is supposed to help kids to see number quantities better by arranging them in groups of 5 items.

What other themes would you like to see?  Comment below!

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