Monster Truck Math Activities in a Tin

M is for May and Memorial Day and Monster Trucks!  On this last full week of May, let's make it a monster truck theme!  My boys love monster trucks- actually one of them is zooming and bamming his truck next to me right now.  They come with such fun names like "El Toro Loco," "Brodozer," "Megalodon," and "Black Pearl."

It's probably not a surprise, but the boys also love everything Monster Jam.  Ever since they went to an event this winter, they talk monster trucks all the time and always want to tell strangers about their amazing experience.  If you're raising a truck enthusiast too, check out these great products below and click the words under the pictures to read more about them.

My "kinetic kids" love hands on math, and I love that I can have a zip top bag of supplies to use over and over.  The math activities in this post can be used to practice basic math skills for preschool through early elementary.  It's great because I can use the same set with both boys, just changing up the activities a bit between them or even sitting them at the table to do the same work.

Firstly, I created pattern strips using four basic colors, so that they could be used with many different themes.  I printed the strips, cut them out, laminated them on only on one side using packaging tape, and then glued them to a giant wood popsicle stick with a glue stick.  Once they're all made, that can be stored in a zip top bag, and the child can chose which pattern they want to build.

Kids can use pom poms, buttons, toys, or anything they can find to make the patterns.  Previously, I made a bug themed one, and now I'm adding some monster trucks to the mix.  What other themes would you like to see?

For these truck-themed math counters, print the PDF, which includes four types of monster trucks, 10 and 20-frame boards, number cards, and a label for an altoid tin.  Cut out the circles with the trucks and laminate one side using packing tape.  Glue them onto 3/4" wood circles with a glue stick.  Repeat until all the trucks have been done.  Print extra trucks depending on how many kids you have working.

For the number cards, 10 and 20-frames, I would run them through a lamination machine to make them more durable.  The number cards and frames can be used for working on number sense (expressing a number through objects) or basic addition and subtraction.  The frames design is supposed to help kids to see number quantities better by arranging them in groups of 5 items.

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