Ocean Letter Tracing Cards

I had a comment on my Insect Letter Cards post asking for ocean cards next.  Since I love making printables, and I love hearing from my reader's even more, I was very happy to comply!  These were fun for my family, too, as we get ready for our summer beach trip.  Of course, these cards are great for a seaside vacation, a road trip, some summer learning, or an ocean theme unit any time of the year!

We've been talking a lot about the ocean lately at our house, so I have some more beach and ocean blog posts coming soon.  Here are a few ocean animals for your own themed study, sensory bin, or play time.  Be sure to check out my ocean learning area with more resources and come back soon for more printables and ideas!

Like my other letter cards, this 13-page PDF can be printed on your home printer, cut apart, and laminated, and written on over and over.  I use my HP Instant Ink printer (best investment- still haven't paid for ink!) for all my printables, and then laminate them with my apache laminator.  I go through so many laminating pouches to make my printables durable, so I buy the pack of 200 generic sheets off of Amazon.  Lastly, I cut them out and bind them with my Swingline Binding System with reusable combs.

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As I was printing these letter cards for the blog pictures, I thought they would also work very well for a letter hunt with "Shiver Me Letters: Pirates ABCs!"  I couldn't find our copy this morning, but here's the Amazon link so you can see it for yourself.  In the book, the pirate captain tells his crew that "Rrrr" alone "just won't do!"  He sends them out on a grand adventure to find all the letters of the alphabet.  These letter cards could be hung on a wall or hidden around an area, while children are encouraged to find all the letters.  In the book, they even have to find them in ABC order!

Clipart is from Scrapbook Gems on Etsy.  If you're looking for some cute digital scrapbooking graphics and papers, be sure to check out her shop!

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