Watermelon Letter Disk Moveable Alphabet

After making the cute donut letter disks for National Donut Day, I couldn't wait to make another set in a different theme.  These were just as much fun to to create as the donut ones; although, I think the pink makes them even better.  For this first watermelon week, we've done math, science, crafts, and today is literacy (click the picture at the bottom of the post to visit all the activities).

Just like the donut disks, I used one inch wood rounds and attached the letters to them with a glue stick.  I also laminated the front side of them with packaging tape.  On the backside, I placed a plain watermelon round (included in the printable), which allows the letters to be used for a matching game or for the disks to be used as math counters.  You could also print two copies of the letter page and put the same letter on each side to make picking them out easier when using them for spelling.

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The letter disks would also be great in a sensory bin!  If I was giving this activity to my kids, I would put more lentils and black beans into the bin.  The letter disks can be buried in the substrate, and child could be asked to find the letters and trace the corresponding letter on the recording sheet.

I'll have more literacy, math, and fun activities with watermelon again in a few weeks for National Watermelon Day in August.  Click the theme picture at the end of the post to see everything I have for learning about and with summer's favorite fruit.

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We're having a WATERMELON sweet summer!
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