Movie-Themed Foster-to-Adoption Parties

Foster-to-Adoption Party Ideas from In Our Pond #adoption #party #finalization #movies

We adopted 3 kids from foster care and know first-hand how difficult it can be to find party ideas for adoptions.  It's even more difficult to find ideas when you're not adopting a baby or an international child.  I started this list as a way to brainstorm fun ideas as we were planning for our own finalization dates.

I realize that not every party theme will be applicable for every family, and I have included themes that are not ones that I would have for myself.  My hope is that this list will stimulate discussion between yourself and your kids and aid in your party planning.

Martian Child (aliens/space)

Free Willy (whales/ocean)

Angels in the Outfield (baseball)

Anne of Green Gables (tea party/garden)

Despicable Me (minions!)

Meet the Robinsons (robots/science)

The Blind Side (football)

Cinderella/Tangled (princess)

Kung Fu Panda (China/pandas)

Lilo and Stitch (Hawaii/luau)

The Book Thief (bookworm)

Finding Nemo/Dory (reef)

When we adopted Skimmer, we had a large adoption party for him at our church.
You can read all about it and access lots of FREE printables by clicking on the picture below.

Foster-to-Adoption Party Ideas from In Our Pond #adoption #party #finalization #movies
FREE Finding Nemo ADOPTION Party Printables

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Foster-to-Adoption Party Ideas from In Our Pond #adoption #party #finalization #movies

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