Unofficial Elf Props to DIY and Buy

It's easy to find posts with list of Elf-on-the-Shelf specific crafts, but I wanted to do a post with the unofficial ideas.  I've chosen to say that my elf is small for our world and for their own.  Just like in our world, you can buy child-sized items, there are also many things that are not child-sized.  I've decided to use some 1:3 scale (or 18 inch doll size) and some 1:6 scale (or Barbie size) since the Elf-on-the-Shelf is about 11-12 inches tall.  There are many crafts for American Girl and Barbie dolls that can easily be adapted to fit the Elf.

Pancakes and SyrupThis mom has tons of amazing craft ideas and free printables.  Starbucks lattes.  Movie-style popcorn.  Candy.  Pantry products (cereal, Pop Tarts, Oreos, mac and cheese, etc).  Gingerbread Houses.  Clothes.  Furniture.  On and On!  It's a great resource for inspiration and tutorials.  Check it out at American Girl Ideas then get crafting!

Fish Bowl- Here is another blogger with lots of ideas and crafts.  I like how she uses many different mediums and found items for her crafts.  I appreciate whenever I can use stuff from home and not have to make an extra trip to the craft store (ours is two hours away).  She has lots of historical, modern, and holiday crafts.  Read more at American Girl Fan website.

Veggie TrayEven elves need more than just coffee and sugar to get themselves through the holidays.  This adorable veggie tray by Doll Diaries is a good start.  The blogger as now retired, but her legacy of fun doll crafts and free printables continues.

Coffee ShopI want to make this exact coffee shop SO badly!  It's beautiful and amazing.  The blog post has all the printables and the accompanying video tells you how to make all the pieces.  It's basically cardboard and scrapbook paper.  Simple enough.  The chalkboard art is done with a white colored pencil on black paper.  Staring at the picture, I can almost smell the amazing coffee aroma.  My Froggy Stuff also has room ideas for many different locations, including stores, circus, schools, concerts, and a zoo.  You can see my own fold up version of an Elf Coffee Shop here.

Pet CageI think your elf need a pet in a small cage or maybe your elf is pet-sitting one day for a friend.  The mother/daughter team at AG Design, Craft, and Create have a doll house they're filling with a modern classroom, a 1940's attic bedroom, and a living room.  There aren't many posts on her blog, but the ones she has are very inspiring.

LaptopThis is a compact mirror with a DIY screenshot over the mirror!  Brandy has bunches of other American Girl crafts and DIYs for the dolls.  Be sure to check out her Universal Studios Candy Shop.  She has lots of themes, including a STEM/astronaut one, a unicorn party, and several holidays.  She's always adding more things on her website- Brandy's Happy Home.

Mini Books- There are several miniature book printables available online, but I wanted to make ones that were specific to Christmas Elves.  Original storybooks and cookbooks provide lots of play options, while the matched covers are perfect for the bookshelf.

Coffee Shop- Once again, you can find lots of miniature coffee shop options, but I wanted to do a Christmas-themed one that could be a cocoa or latte stand.  Printable includes a few styles of cups, coffee bags, canisters, wall decor, and more.

Costume- Take less than a 1/4 yard of fleece fabric and less than an hour of hand-sewing to make this adorable onesie costume.  Make it in different colors to create unique costumes.

Knit Dress- Free pattern for hand-knitting your own miniature sweater dress.

Craft Paint and Glue- My first attempt at crafting on live stream!  It was pretty rough, but I loved making these paint bottles.  They're available in lots of colors for all your elf's crafting or toy making needs.

Background- Super easy and cheap scene for doll play or elf sets.

Christmas Movies- My very first doll miniature!  Includes movie/TV screen, DVD disk, and movie case for several classic movies.

Rock Climbing- Elf-style climbing printables coming soon!

Ballet Studio- Nutcracker-themed dance studio coming soon!

Disney Nano Metal Cast Toys- These absolutely adorable metal mini figurines would be so helpful in setting an elf scene or outfitting an elf house.

Miniature Sandbox- How awesome would it be to have your elf play in his very own sandbox?  It comes with lots of fun accessories, making it a great addition to your elf toy collection.

Tiny Train- This tiny train is perfect for Santa's workshop.

Good Luck Minis- I have featured these tiny plastic toys many times on my blog.  They're small enough to be a pet or a toy for an elf or Barbie.

Teeny Tiny Farm- This toy is crazy tiny!  It would be a neat toy for an elf.

Mini Bowling Set- Your elf can go bowling with this mini set.  Build one lane or a whole alley for all the dolls.

Tiny Electric Train- I love that this train has an engine and can go around a track!  It's like the elf version of the Polar Express.

Campfire Playset- This adorable camping set fits a Lottie doll, so it's sized for a bit smaller than a Barbie.  It would be a great size for an unofficial elf.  A larger doll could use it if you didn't try to put the doll in the tent or sleeping bag.

Hatchemals- My daughter loves these silly toys, so we have a lot of them laying around the house.  They're a good size for an elf toy.

Mini Vehicles- Elves need "boy" toys too.  These vehicles fit the bill.

Video Arcade- Real working video game arcade with games everyone can play.

Roblox- More mini toys.

Shopkins- Even more mini toys.

Barbie Accessories- Probably one of the easiest places to find elf props is in the Barbie isle.

Project MC2 Car- I love that it's not pink like a Barbie car!  The red is very suitable to an Elf.

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