The Ultimate Guide for Learning About Frogs

Although the grass is green, the Pacific Tree Frogs haven't yet made their appearance.  Catching frogs is my kids' favorite activity.  They anticipate it all winter long and start looking for them as soon as the weather gets above freezing.

My kids already know a lot about frogs from keeping them in our home and talking about them all year long, but I wanted to team up with the Kid Blogger Network this spring to explore even more ideas for learning about frogs.  There are Montessori-inspired ideas, food crafts, printables, sensory play, crafts, and more.  Scroll down to see all the awesome ideas!

Five years ago, when I first began looking into homeschooling, I was swept up by the great ideas in Montessori education.  I had thought that we would go full-Montessori, but it never worked out for our family dynamics.  I still appreciate many of the ideas and have created many Montessori-influenced printables for this blog.  Here are a few Montessori ideas for learning about frogs.

There are very few kids on earth who don't enjoy some type of sensory play.  From water to play dough to slime and more- frog small world play is the best.  I recommend the Safari Ltd life cycle set for the sensory bins and a big bag or frogs like these.  Add some blue rice, water beads, play dough, or something else fun and let the kids have at it.

Books are an important part of learning and can be very useful in creating interest in children about a particular subject.  My kids particularly love the "Uncover: Frogs" book as it has layers of anatomical detail with descriptions about how everything works.  We also bought the Pacific Tree Frogs book after realizing they were the common amphibians in our area.  Here are a few more ideas:

When I asked my friends in the Kid Blogger Network for frog ideas, many of them had cute snack crafts.  Whether you're looking for a sweet treat or a way to make veggies more appealing, you'll find something fun to make for a party or everyday snack.

Although I don't do a lot of kid crafts on this blog, many bloggers and moms do.  These adorable frog crafts would be good for preschool, VBS, or anytime.  Which one is your favorite?  Write me a comment!

Lastly, I have a bunch of printables for learning about frogs and using them as the theme to learn other things.  I love making and finding printables, which is why I also love my HP Instant Ink printer, which sends ink to my door before we even run out!  Plus, it's wireless so I can send print jobs from our desktop, laptop, tablets, or phones, no matter where we are.  It's great for a homeschool family!

If you have something froggy-themed to share with me, leave your link in the comments for others to see!  What "ultimate guide" should I do next?

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