Donut Time Math Games in a Tin

Around the first of the year (2019), I went crazy making these themed math activities, cranking out five of them in a short amount of time.  I had one for Valentine's Day (cookies), one for Star Wars Day (characters), and one for next Christmas (more cookies).  The funny thing is that even after making all those sets of themed math activities, I continued to add more including monster trucks and springtime insects, with more in progress.  I'm having enjoying making numbers and math interesting and fun for kids!

In two days, the country celebrates National Donut Day (June 1).  Last year, I did an entire week of donut-themed activities (scroll to the bottom of the post to see them all).  This year, I'm only doing a few day, but they'll be good ones.  Today, I have lots of math activities for June 1st or anytime!

The PDF includes number cards and donut counters for practicing counting and learning number sense.  I recommend lining up the numbers in chronological order (there's an included mini number line to help kids learn).  Then, the child can place donut counters under each number (1 donut for 1, 2 donuts for 2, 3 donuts for 3, etc).  If you want the child to do numbers 1-5, you'll need 15 donuts.  For 1-10, you'll need 55 donuts.  Print as many as you need.

I have included three colors of donuts, so kids can work on addition of three numbers, as well as subtraction.  Use the digit cards to build an equation and let the kid figure out the solution.  My kids us the themed counters to figure out their math problems from their workbook.  Children could also roll 2 or 3 dice to come up with their equations.

Although the 20-frame grid is a bit limiting, it can also be used to show multiplication and division in the early days.  Pair this activity with my Montessori-inspired multiplication board to expand the lesson.

These counters can also be used to play the Donut Gone Game from last year.  Pass out the donuts evenly between the two players, then roll a dice to share the donuts with your friend (second player).  Players take turns giving away their donuts according to the dice number.  The first person to give away all their donuts wins!

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Bonus Donuts!

As I was putting together this blog post and writing it all out, I decided that it needed a patterning activity like I did recently with Monster Trucks and Springtime Insects.  So, I made one!  The pattern strips can be printed, laminated with packaging tape on one side, and attached with a glue stick to a jumbo craft stick.  I put two pattern strips on each stick to maximize efficiency.

The patterns use the same donut counters as I included above, except that I recommend you use the smaller set and mount them on 1 inch wood disks.  I laminated the front of them (in a strip) with packing tape and then glued them to the wood disks.  I put the same donut image on each side of the disks so they're easier for kids to pick out the right one.  The PDF also includes a label for an Altoid tin.

After assembly, give your child the box of donuts and one patterning strip at a time and have them match the patterns.  Younger kids and ones new to patterning might need help recognizing the pattern.  After the child understands the concept, then they can be encouraged to build their own pattern.  Expand the activity to include other items to build similar patterns.

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