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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

DIY Magnetic Activities for Travel

It may be only February.  Snow may still be covering the ground.  But, I'm dreaming of SUMMER!!!

I have 3 kids, who all want to do fun things while in the car.  I've been collecting round-ups of ideas (come back every Tuesday for more!) and am pleased to share a bunch of MAGNETIC ideas with you today!

LIABILITY CLAUSE- Magnets can be dangerous when ingested.  Only give them to children who are old enough not to eat them.  You're the parent- so be smart about what you make for your kids.

I love this idea of combining a Lego challenge with a travel activity.  The little tins are magnetic and hold the pieces for the 20+ ideas.  You could hand each kid a tin and then draw out a card for a contest or bind the cards together into a booklet of activities for each child.  You could also glue a Lego board to make the building easier.  Or, put button magnets on the back of the boards to keep the tray interchangeable between activities.

Tangrams are a popular travel activity.  This set of tangrams uses a plastic classroom set and adds magnets to the back.  The patterns are printed from a puzzle website.

Dollar Store puzzle plus magnets equals a super simple road trip activity.  Mom win!

The blogger who made this bottle promises that it won't rust!  As long as you can trust your child can be trusted not to pry the magnet out of the wand, this is probably a good activity for toddlers.  Be sure to seal the bottle with glue to make it harder for them to open the bottle.  Of course, adult supervision is always best.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tinkerbell Slime (kid-safe)

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

The slime movement has been going for quite a long time, but we hadn't yet gotten on board.  Oh, man!  We're in deep now!  Since making this slime approximately ten minutes ago, Dragonfly (age 6) has already asked me to make about ten other colors/themes of slime.

The awesome thing about slime is that you don't need a recipe to make it. You can just start adding ingredients and see what happens.  It's science!  Tinkerbell slime has liquid glue, contact eye solution, baking soda, food coloring, and glitter.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

We started by dumping 2 bottles of school glue into a shallow bin and added food coloring (blue and yellow for green).  I had Dragonfly mix the glue with a spoon, while I sprinkled a bit of baking soda over the top.  Next, we added the glitter (green and silver for Tinkerbell).  Lastly, I squirted some contact solution into the glue, while Dragonfly continued stirring it.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

As you add the contact solution, the glue will begin to stick to itself and pull away from the mixing bowl/bin.  The awesome part about making your own slime is that you can decide what consistency you want.  The lesser amount of contact solution will make a sticker and less dense slime.  Indeed, a slimier slime.

Kid-Safe Tinkerbell Slime from In Our Pond  #diy #craft #slime #kidscrafts #disney #tinkerbell

We added enough contact solution that the slime no longer stuck to anything but itself.  It's perfect for younger kids.  My children (ages 6, 5, and 4) enjoyed squishing it, hearing it pop, putting it on different places on their bodies (not in the hair!!!!), stretching, and popping.  They also chopped it with scissors, pretending to cut fabric and pizzas.  I loved that it wasn't sticky and could be played with any plastic toys or kitchen utensils they wanted.

While I was making this post, my 6 year old made a second batch of slime by herself.  I highly recommend parental supervision for the process, but I love that it's so easy for kids to make themselves.  Add beads, toys, glitter, scents, or whatever else you desire.

Happy Slime-ing!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Summer Road Trip Wish List 2018

Summer Road Trip Wish List 2018 from In Our Pond

Welcome to another week of Travel Time Tuesday!  We're counting down to summer with lots of travel DIYs, printables, tutorials, and more!  Today, I have a simple list of the things I'm planning on buying for our road trip!

1- We limit the electronics to only audiobooks and music, while in the car.  For some reason, we seem to always have a shortage of phone charge cords.  A couple new ones are first on my list- the brighter the better for summertime!

2- We broadcast our family music selections with a radio transmitter.  Although our current transmitter is working, I plan on picking up an extra one so that we'll never have to be without our tunes.  If you haven't discovered how amazing it is to use your phone for all media, you have to grab this transmitter and try it for yourself!

Kid Stuff
1- On every car trip, keeping the kids entertained is my first priority.  I try to make some new activities and buy some surprises.  I think the kids are old enough to have a car bag of stuff to do.  I plan on modifying these bags and filling them with lots of goodies (stay tuned for a tutorial).

2- The Spot It games can be played around a table, but the road trip one can be played in the car!  There are so many ways to play that we shouldn't get bored too easily.  I like that this game can be played individually or as a group.

3- Skimmer is obsessed with Lego Star Wars!  He would love this I-Spy book, where on each page he must find R2-D2 and C-3PO.  I'm considering getting similar books for each of the kids (I like to buy them used through Amazon).  Bullfrog and I have been talking about buying a "Where's Waldo" book or two as well.

1- I have also been considering getting each of the kids re-positionable sticker books.  There are so many to chose from that I know I can find one for everyone.  We're not a big paper doll, pretend play, or sticker family, so I'm still thinking about whether the books would be loved or rejected.

2- Dragonfly has been watching toy videos on Youtube and has taken notice of squishy toys.  She's also interested in unicorns lately (like most 6 year olds) so I know she would really enjoy this toy.  It squishes down and then slowly rises up again.  It sounds like it might meet her sensory-seeking needs as well.

3- Both Skimmer and Tadpole would love this Star Wars sounds book.  I'm trying to decide whether their happiness or my sanity is more important (wink).  This same series has ones for Disney movies, Thomas the Train, and many other themes.  It would be easy to find one for each of the kids - but, again, do I dare?

1- I haven't quite decided whether I'll just use Dragonfly's "car bag" as her seat organization or if I'll also purchase something like the one pictured.  I like all the layers on this one and the cup holders.

2- One of our main problems on our trips is when the dirty clothes get mixed with the clean ones.  I'm planning on packing at least one of these bags for stashing the clothes.  We'll need less time to get ready if I decide to use a laundry facility.

3- When I was growing up, my mom had a tackle box full of medicines (still does).  We used the same box at home and on the road, which made keeping it stocked a bit easier.  My goal before the summer is to make a medicine chest for my family.

Just for fun, here is our road trip with list from two years ago!

(click on the picture)

Summer Road Trip Wish List 2018 from In Our Pond

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Summer Road Trip Wish List 2018 from In Our Pond

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover from In Our Pond  #DIY  #craft  #tech  #travel  #teen  #gift  #roadtrip  #usb

A few years ago, I ran across a picture of ear buds covered in green variegated embroidery floss.  I was instantly inspired, but as a person who doesn't use ear buds, I dismissed the idea.  Last night, I was crafting a car organizer and thinking about the road trip in general and the electronics situation specifically.  For some reason, it pinged in my brain to make our USB cords more interesting.

I couldn't sleep last night until I promised myself that I'd make this craft today.  I may or may not be crazy.  So, I spent all day today working on the craft, doing live videos of it, and blogging about it.

Safety Warning- There is a small chance of the cord catching on fire if the wires become frayed or damaged.  To minimize this risk, you can use a 100% wool yarn (wool is fire extinguishing) and make sure your cord is new.  As always and with every project on this website, craft at your own risk.

- USB cord for your device (any size)
- embroidery floss or yarn or paracord
- clipboard to hold your project as you work

The great thing about this project is that there are many different ways that you can cover the cord.  The easiest way is to simply wrap the yarn around the cord and tie off, glue, or tape the ends.  It seems like the majority of the projects on Pinterest use this technique.

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover from In Our Pond  #DIY  #craft  #tech  #travel  #teen  #gift  #roadtrip  #usb
Picture from Brit.co.  Please pin at original source.

Secondly, you can crochet over the top of the cord, like this one from Not Your Average Crochet.  In this method, you'll also need a crochet hook.  In the tutorial, she only did one row of single chain, but it is possible to continue crocheting to make a very unique cord.  Perhaps add a few rows of lace edging or attach some beads or charms.

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover from In Our Pond  #DIY  #craft  #tech  #travel  #teen  #gift  #roadtrip  #usb
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Another fairly simple way to cover the cord is with a basic, knotted friendship bracelet.  With this method, you can do one or more colors and change colors as often as you want.  Fashion Lush has a good tutorial on her blog.

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover from In Our Pond  #DIY  #craft  #tech  #travel  #teen  #gift  #roadtrip  #usb
Please pin at original source.

Once you're on the friendship bracelet train, you can go anywhere.  Look up some friendship bracelet tutorials on Pinterest (or buy one of the books listed below) and start crafting!

When I was in eighth grade, I financed a short term mission trip largely by selling friendship bracelets at school.  My most popular pattern was a two color "hitch stitch," which is also very easy and quick to make.  In honor of that trip 20 years ago, I decided to use it on my USB cord cover.

I would NOT recommend trying to measure and cut your yarn before beginning the pattern.  Just leave it all nice and long to you'll always have lots of extra.  This project ended up taking about 3 hours and a good amount of yarn.

When I finished the project, I used a tapestry needle to tuck in the ends.  Then, I wrapped some fun donut-themed washi tape around the plugs, completing this adorable craft.

Here's the tutorial on how to tie the knots from my FB page.  

Cheap and Easy Knotted USB Cover from In Our Pond  #DIY  #craft  #tech  #travel  #teen  #gift  #roadtrip  #usb

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

This round-up was a big sacrifice for me, since I hate teeth, talking about teeth, and dentists!  Ick!  I don't want to touch teeth, pull teeth, or look at them (which makes it challenging to teach hygiene to the children).  My husband is even worse!

Fortunately, I now have a good tribe around me!  The majority of these toothsome ideas came from the wonderful people at Kid Bloggers Network.  Thanks, guys!  I hope you all enjoy them!

Tooth Fairy

We don't do the tooth fairy at our house.  I pay the kids up front for their lost teeth with Disney Dollars (DD), our family currency.  Each tooth is worth $5 DD and $100 DD equals one $10 USD toy.  Dollars may also be earned by "going above and beyond" what your parents have asked you to do.  For example, if you're asked to clear the table and you sweep the kitchen as well, you'll earn some DD.  It's been working very well for us.

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

This blogger has tooth certificates for both boys and girls.  They could be used at school, a dentist office, or at home.  The tooth chart one each certificate would be very helpful in keeping track which teeth each child as lost.  The free printable is available on The Quiet Grove blog.

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

I love making things with felt.  This tooth pillow is so cute!  It has a pocket for storing the tooth.  Add a ribbon handle and hang it on your child's door to make your fairy duties easier.  Get all the details on the Buggy and Buddy blog.

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

Perhaps your tooth fairy doesn't come in the door.  Maybe she (he?) uses a special fairy door.  These doors are so adorable that I want to install one just for the cuteness factor.  This blog post has a round-up of tooth fairy ideas.  Click the picture above to see them all.

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

A fairy as special as one that collects teeth must have special money prizes.  These coins are simple to make and would make a fun addition to your child's pretend play.  Add a fairy wand and some wings for the ultimate fairy fun!

The Ultimate Dental Health Month Round-Up for Kids from In Our Pond  #dentist  #braces  #kids  #toothbrush  #teeth  #tooth  #dental  #pretendplay  #printables  #learning  #homeschool

What a collection of books!  If reading about teeth doesn't cause you to clam up and get queasy, you'll love adding these books to your library.  Perfect for school, dental offices, homeschool, and more.  Get the complete list from the Kennedy Adventures blog.

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