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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

50+ Travel Toys in an Altoid Tin

Now that it's the New Year, I've started thinking about SUMMER!  In fact, I've already started planning our next themed road trip (which I'll be revealing soon).  About this time of year, I start up my Travel Time Tuesday posts, and today is the first one!

50+ Travel Toys in an Altoid Tin from In Our Pond  #miniatures #altoidtin #travel #airplane #roadtrip

In this digital age, it's easy to hand your child a device and pacify them with movies and games the entire trip.  But, as we all know, you miss so much when you're living life through a screen.  Wouldn't it be nice if our road trips could be simpler, even a bit old fashioned?

Altoids may be associated with grandfathers, but the tins they come in are a great size for pocket toys.  If you don't have anyone in your life that eats altoids, you can buy crafting tins on Amazon.  If you have family members (like I do that can't get enough of the mints), then you might want to try making your own candies with this recipe.

Once you've collected your tins, you're ready to craft.  After the jump, you'll find 50 travel toys contained in a tiny tin.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Doll Coffee Shop Printables

Doll Coffee Shop Printables from In Our Pond #barbie #elfontheshelf #miniature

This printable was 100% inspired by My Froggy Stuff.  I absolutely love her ideas and videos!  I don't know how many times I watched her craft instructions over the last few months.

Froggy's coffee shop is based on Starbucks, and uses the green logo.  I wanted to do a Christmas version for my Elf scenes.  After brainstorming the idea with Dragonfly (age 6), she came up with the coffee shop name, "Cup of Cheer."

Other than the bags of coffee, everything in the shop could be used for a cocoa stand or shop instead.  The printables include a strip of paper that can be made into a hot chocolate canister.  Of course, any of the cups can be filled with pretend cocoa just as easily as they can be filled with coffee.

I highly recommend the instructions from the My Froggy Stuff Youtube page:
coffee shop
doll latte
coffee cup and maker
hot cocoa and marshmallows

Come back every week for Miniature Mondays!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Lottie Doll Sweater Dress Pattern (knit flat)

Free Knitting Pattern for Lottie Doll Sweater Dress from In Our Pond
Dragonfly (age 6) and I have been enjoying our Lottie doll quite a bit since Christmas.  She's just the right size for the heirloom dollhouse we have (the one in the background).  Dragonfly has lots of crafting ideas and has a large list of things for me to create with and for her.

This dress is a modification of the free sweater ornament from Greens and Jeans.  Her sweater was too large for the Lottie dolls (but may fit a Barbie- I haven't tested it) so I shrunk it a bit.  I also added the skirt.  It's still slightly too large, but looks pretty cute in person.


-  size 3 needles

superwash wool yarn

buttons to close up the back

The piece is knit flat.

Cast on 22 stitches.


PM- place marker

K2tog- knit two together

YO- yarn over

K1FB- make 2 stitches by knitting into the front and back of the same stitch


Row 1-  K4 (PM), K1, P1 remaining stitches

Row 2-  K1, P1 until PM, K4

Row 3-  K4 (PM) K3 (PM), K3 (PM), K6 (PM), K3 (PM), K3

Row 4- P to last 4 stitches, K4

Row 5- K2, YO (twice), K2 (PM) K2, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K1, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K4, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K1, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K2

Row 6- P to last 4 stitches, K5 (knit the 2 YO as 1 stitch)

Row 7- K2, K2tog, K1, (PM) K3, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K3, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K6, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K3, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K3

Row 8- P to last 4 stitches, K4

Row 9- K4 (PM) K4, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K5, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K8, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K5, K1FB (PM), K1FB, K4

Row 8- P to last 4 stitches, K4

46 stitches on the needles (4 (button band) 6 (back) 9 (sleeve) 12 (front) 9 (sleeve) 6 (back)


Row 1-  put sleeves on a stitch holder as you knit across the remaining sititches

Row 2-  P24, K4

Row 3- Knit all 28 stitches

Row 4- P24, K4

Row 5- K2, YO (twice), K2, K24

Row 6-  P24, K5 (knit one time in the double YO)

Row 7- K2, K2tog, K1, K24

Row 8- P24, K4

Row 9- K28

Row 10- P24, K4


Row 1- K4, K1FB into every stitch (52 stitches total)

Row 2- P48, K4

Row 3- K every stitch

Row 4- P48, K4

Continue pattern for 1-2 inches, adding buttonholes as desired.  Alternatively, you could join before the increase and knit the skirt in the round.  

Garter Stitch the 4-6 last rows and cast off to finish.


Pick up the 9 stitches from the cable needle and another 3 from the underarm.  Begin rounds under the arm.  Knit in the round until the sleeve reaches the desired length.  Knit 4 rows (2 bumps) of garter stitch (knit one row, purl the next) and cast off.  Repeat for second sleeve.

Weave in ends and wet block with warm water.  Add buttons to the back, being mindful to line up the buttonholes.


If you have any questions, leave a comment, and if you make the dress yourself, tag me @InOurPond on FB, Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest!  I'd love to see your creations.

Free Knitting Pattern for Lottie Doll Sweater Dress from In Our Pond

Friday, January 5, 2018

Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles

Free Printable for Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles from In Our Pond  #crafting  #elfontheshelf  #barbie  #miniatures  #papercrafts  #printable  #scrapbook

Dragonfly and I have been watching so many crafting videos lately.  We love seeing what other people have done and then making our own.  The inspiration for this craft came from Rainbow Tinkle's World.  She posted the video, which you can see below.  I completed her craft, and then decided to make my own version with more paint colors and a different label.  Since these bottles will be for my elf on the shelf house, I wanted to have an "elf" brand logo on them.  I have also included a plain version that simply says "craft paint."  There are also a few different glue bottle options (which I hope to showcase in a video soon).  Make as many as you want to stock a craft room, a store, or a toy-making scene.

And here's my video.  Follow me on Facebook for more crafting videos!

To download the paint bottles, click on the picture.
Free Printable for Miniature Paint and Glue Bottles from In Our Pond  #crafting  #elfontheshelf  #barbie  #miniatures  #papercrafts  #printable  #scrapbook

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Foster-to-Adoption Party Guest Book Ideas

Foster-to-Adopt Party Guest Book Ideas from In Our Pond

Adoptions are a big deal around here, since all three of my kids were adopted.  My most popular blog post is a pile of foster-to-adopt party ideas.  As I was thinking about that theme again, I thought it would be good to make a list of ways you could do an adoption-themed guest book.  There are so many creative ideas online that everyone should be able to find something for every family and theme.

Jenga blocks

fingerprint tree

puzzle pieces

wood hearts shadow box

picture frame mat

video wishes

new family name initial

message in a bottle

signatures on globe

picture books



wish rocks

"Oh the Places You'll Go"

highlighted quotes/verses

signed clothes

quilt squares


Snapchat video


Christmas ornaments

{More Adoption Party Ideas}
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Foster-to-Adopt Party Guest Book Ideas from In Our Pond

Foster-to-Adopt Party Guest Book Ideas from In Our Pond

Foster-to-Adopt Party Guest Book Ideas from In Our Pond

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Foster-to-Adopt Party Guest Book Ideas from In Our Pond