Kitty Math Counters for Addition and Subtraction

Dragonfly loves all animals, but goes crazy for kitties.  She pounces on our cat whenever she sees her, and meows at every mention or picture of kittens that crosses her path.  When she was having a bit of trouble with her math workbook a few months ago, she asked me to make these specially designed kitty counters just for her.

Like all my printable math counters, these kitties can be mounted on 1 inch wood disks.  I printed them and then laminated the front side with packing tape.  Then, I stuck them onto the wood with a glue stick.  The 20-frame can be laminated for durability.

There are three different cat pictures, which can be used to represent quantities of numbers when adding three groups.  Kids can also use the 20-frame to represent numbers or work on subtraction problems, too.

Other Themed Math Counters

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