The Blog is Five Years Old!

It's my blog's 5th birthday!  I can't believe that I've been blogging for so long!  When I started, my kids were 2 years, 1 year, and six months.  Now, they're 7, 6, and 5 years old.  Life is completely different (and yet, somehow, still very much the same).

Every year on my blog birthday, I put out a post highlighting some of the news from the year past.  It's fun to look at the history and remember how far I've come in learning about blogging, applying new ideas, and providing lots of free printables to the world.  Here is the news from this year:

1- We have a new name!

At the beginning of 2019, I decided to change the name of this blog from In Our Pond to Homeschooling My Kinetic Kids.  So far, I've been satisfied with the meaning of the new name and how it describes our family atmosphere.  Tell me in the comments if you think I should change it back.

2 - We have a newsletter!

If you've been visiting the blog in the last few months or so, you've seen that I've started a subscribers-only resource library with some of my most popular printables.  I have been wanting to write a newsletter for my readers for years, but I was scared to try and didn't know if I could make it work.  I'm still working on making everything smooth, so I hope you all will be patient with me.  If you're not part of my newsletter group, please subscribe today for access to the resource library, special offers, and ideas for educators and parents.

3- I started a 2nd blog!

After talking last year on my blog birthday about how I was expecting to write my 100th post about family travel in the future, I decided that a topic I enjoy writing about that much deserves it's own website.  I entitled the new blog- Party Through the USA- because it's mainly focused on family road trips and DIY travel toys.  I also talk a lot about "parties with wheels" or themed road trips with their own special food, activities, media, costumes, and more.

Birthday Week Blog Posts

Another tradition of my blog birthday is posting a new article or printable every day at a celebration and gift to my readers.  Here's the line up for this year.  I'll add the links for each post when they go live, so check back each day for more great content!

April 21- Gifts for Homeschool Moms

Mother's Day is coming up in less than a month!  I asked the homeschool moms in my FB community what they want for the special day, then took all their suggestions and made a lovely list.  If you're a homeschool mom, be sure to forward this post onto your husband and kids.

April 22- Birthday Post

April 23- DIY Play Dough Kits for Travel

It's Travel Time Tuesday on the new blog- Party Through the USA!  I post on Tuesday of every week and sometimes more often depending on how inspired I'm feeling.  Today's post is a roundup of play dough kit ideas that are great for anywhere you want to travel- hotels, grandma's house, restaurants, planes, beaches, camping, and more.

April 24- Montessori-Inspired Penguin 3-Part Cards

Did you know that I have free matching cards for almost every Safari Ltd Animal toob on this blog?  I added the penguins, which I was surprised that I hadn't done already.  We're sure doing a lot of penguin stuff lately.  Be sure to also check out tomorrow's post and the 3-part cards I made for the Antarctica toob.

April 25- Games and Activities for Mr. Poppers Penguins

This is World Penguin Day, so I thought it would be the best day to talk about a fun read aloud book for families- Mr. Popper's Penguins!  The post is packed with a posy of penguin paraphernalia.  If you're wanting to expand a book study into an entire study unit, check out the giant roundup of learning ideas I posted earlier this year.

April 26- Ultimate Guide for Learning about Frogs

I hadn't intended to do so many roundup posts this week, but it happened anyways.  This one is all about frogs, which are my kids favorite part of spring/summer.  I partnered with the Kid Blogger Network to bring you all the best learning ideas, crafts, printables, and content.

April 27- Buggy Math Activities with Printables

I've been doing a lot of bug stuff lately as well, and will release a post in few weeks with learning printables for insects.  The activity works on number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, number sense, patterning, addition, and more.

April 28- Ideas for Learning about Ladybugs

Let's keep the buggy fun going with some ladybird learning ideas!  I was actually surprised how difficult it was to find interesting activities about ladybugs, since they're so adorable and common.  From sensory play to printables, you'll find it all on this blog.

Most Popular Printables

As of this date, there are 250 printables on this blog!  Every single one of them is offered for free and is available for anyone to download.  Here are my 10 most popular printables from the entire history.  It looks like you all really enjoy my Montessori-inspired 3-part cards!  Awesome!

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